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Instagram Highlight Story

Instagram Highlight Story

What is Instagram Highlight Story and how should it be done? When a user posts a story on Instagram and on their personal page, the story will only be on the user page for the next 24 (twenty-four) hours, but Instagram has recently added a feature that allows a story to be published. Has been kept on its page forever and visitors can visit it.

A user who enters your page can open and view it as a story, and in the story you leave, you will see a list of all your followers in the next 24 hours, meaning the number of people who have opened and viewed the story.

For you to create a highlight and have it on your page. All you have to do is have a story in advance so that you can highlight it on your web page. Or save the stories you have posted in the past in an archive and you can see past stories in it.

And now how to store stories in the archive? The first step to do this is to enable archive storage, which you should follow:

On your page or your virtual personal page, touch the menu icon at the top right of the page and go to settings <story <privacy and security controls. Scroll to the bottom of the page and turn on the save to archive option.

How to enable Instagram highlight story? In this section, we will learn how to highlight our page and put a good and attractive cover on our page. First, we enter our personal page and there is a bio at the bottom of the highlights section. And you have to click on the + sign and then you will see that it enters the archive page of your stories.

In this section, you select the stories you want to highlight and click next. And to choose a name for Instagram highlight, it is better to choose and put a name for your highlight, and if you do not write anything, then by default, the name highlights will show users.

Be sure to choose a name in your highlight so that users and page visitors can interact with your highlight, especially if your page is for business. And you can only use 16 letters to name it. But it is better to use two words. This will make you look professional and use it briefly and briefly about it (Instagram Highlight Story).

And now the question is how can we add a new story to the highlight we had on our page in the past?

Sometimes you will want to add a new story to your highlight. You can click on the highlight option at the bottom right and in the highlight categories, select the corresponding highlight, and at the end, after selecting the message adding to highlights will be displayed to you, which means that Which has been added to the highlighted category.

And if you want to highlight the story in the archive, you have to enter the desired highlight and hit the three dots at the bottom right, and then select the edit highlight option, and in the add section, the archived stories that you wanted can be found. Add and finally click on the add option.

How to remove the highlight cover on your page? Just do the following four steps:

1. Log in to your page and then your profile.

2 – Then hold your finger on one of your highlights.

3- Next, several options will be displayed on the screen and you will select edit highlight.

4. Click edit cover at the end.

How to change the highlight of our page? On the first page, select the photo icon, and then select the photo that you want to be your cover highlight from your gallery and click the next option, and at the end, click on the next two pages on the right.

Ideas for highlighting:

Instagram story highlight is one of the most important elements of any page that gives us quick access to a series of content. You can even use icons, but do not forget to use color. If you have a business, you can:

1- Introduce the team

2- Introduce the services

3- Consulting meetings

4- Contact us in the highlight section.

If you can store in your highlight:

1 How to order

2 Introducing services

3 Customer comments

4 Questions and prices can be brought in the highlight section.

If you are a freelancer, you can:

1 About yourself

2 Communication with you

3 Services you have

4 Talents you have

5 Trail training can be brought to the highlight section.

But we come to remove the highlight on Instagram: In this section, we must consider two things:

1 Remove the story from the Instagram highlight

2 Completely remove the highlight from Instagram

Delete a story from Instagram highlight If the story is in your highlight if you want to delete it, follow the steps below. First, enter the highlight you want and then hit the three dots on the right. And select the remove from highlight option. After selecting the above option, you will see a message that you see in the image, just click the remove photo option.

Complete removal of Instagram highlight In order to completely delete a highlight with all the stories in it, follow the steps below in order. First, when you put your finger on the desired highlight and hold for a few seconds, and then a window will open for you, in this window, just click the delete highlight option. And at the end, the highlight along with all the stories inside it are deleted in one place.

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