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Instagram live

Instagram live

Instagram live- If you have already posted a story and you also want to post another story and leave another story through the statistics section, you will not have access to live, etc. Now click on the camera on the top left and leave your story with full access as usual.

Tricks to have a successful and professional live on the virtual network of Instagram:

1- Make sure you have enough bandwidth.

2 – In terms of sound quality, be sure.

3 – You can also check your live with another account on Instagram and test live if needed.

4- Look at your phone camera live, because if you look at the screen, it will not be interesting for live viewers.

5- If possible, be sure to respond to the comments left by your viewers and followers, because it will make you popular with the viewers.

6 – Before you start your live, try to spend a lot of time preparing the program so that everything goes according to plan.

7- If possible, ask one of your friends to monitor live.

It is very important to have another pair of eyes and see live from the perspective of those eyes. This person will actually play the role of your supporter. And if there is a problem that is far from your eyes, it will notify you immediately, for example, if the sound is not synced or the frame rate of the image is too low, it will notify you immediately.

As you know, posting live on Instagram is the most attractive and popular part of Instagram. Also, you can talk live with your followers live and have a two-person live and share all the moments you like with Share your followers.

Leveraging more live among celebrities and Instagram bloggers are much more popular. Some of these Instagram bloggers specify a time in which they share an educational topic with their viewers live. Or that he talks to his fans live and online.

How to use it correctly (Instagram Live)

How you can make good use of this Instagram live feature depends on the type of activity you have. For example, if the content of your page is for business when you want to introduce a new product, try to use live videos to attract more customers and attract attention, because live has a great impact on attracting customers and showing your product. And you will get great feedback.

How to put a live Instagram video in the story? First, enter the Instagram page and touch the top left of the Instagram home page, and although you can drag your page from right to left to enter the Instagram story sections, there is another way to enter that is the sign Touch + on your profile picture and enter your stories section.

And then select the live option at the bottom of the page and touch the start live video option, and if you do not have this option, it means that live stories are not active for you and you have to wait. And as you can see, the number of people who will watch you live is displayed at the top of the page, and the comments that are displayed to you are also displayed at the bottom of the page.

You can pin the comment you like on Instagram live, that is, by touching the comment and holding it for a few seconds, the comment will be pinned and you will actually tag it at the top of the page. This method helps the comment to be seen live.

Instagram has the ability to give a message to your followers or followers when you start your live, and they will be notified of your live and easily enter the page and watch live.

And to prevent live viewers from sending you comments and comments: For Android users, select the top right and then click on the turn off the commenting option. Note that the settings that you intend to comment on in the settings section will also be applied to you in the live story.

When your live story is over, touch the end option at the top right of the page and then confirm the whole live story and select the confirm option and touch the save option at the top right of your live page. Save it to your phone in the camera roll.

How to disable Instagram notifications of your followers? If you do not want your friends’ live story to be notified to you when you start, you must first go to your page and select the top right, then enter the setting push notifications section and set the live video option to off.

When the live is over, the entertainment remains because you can share your live in the stories for 24 hours. Or tap the save icon at the top left to add the video to the camera section. Also know that you can only save the video with no likes, comments, or visitors. You can only save your video as soon as it is live.

But if you have not yet published live for your business, now is the best time because only a small percentage of businesses hold live then you will have many opportunities to attract the attention of your customers and followers. There is also more brand awareness and more models and even more sales.

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