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Instagram post

Instagram post

Instagram post-, First of all, the layout and order on the page and the virtual page is very important and it is very important. Many good and popular screens use this possibility and follow the order. This is very important in finding content and The beauty of the page has a great impact. It is one of the rules of beauty in the post of order and you can give a special beauty to your virtual network with the regular arrangement.

If you think that beauty and order in the posts have no effect on increasing and attracting followers, you are completely wrong. Because the first thing that attracts Ansal is the color of the shape and appearance, and then they go to the text, so it is very effective.

One of the most attractive methods is to use the checkerboard method and arrangement, which has recently increased in cyberspace and attracts the viewer’s attention. In this first method, the photo or video that you choose must have a significant color and shape. And secondly, it is enough to be in two colors and it is enough to change one of the colors.

The second method is the column (vertical) method, which is also very beautiful and has a good effect. In this method, you need three different colors, and it is enough to send these three colors in order or publish them on your page, in each column. Have a color. This method is also effective for increasing followers and also having a very attractive page.

The third method that exists is the columnar (horizontal) method, which here selects and publishes one color for each of the three posts, and we select another color for the next three posts, and as we publish, each horizontal column has a separate and specific color. It has its own and is very effective for the viewer and the follower.

The fourth method is to combine the posts in such a way that you divide an image between several posts and the posts are complementary, and this method creates a good and beautiful design. And the last method that exists is the combination of colors, by combining colors from a spectrum, you can create a beautiful multi-color page.

The Instagram post should be done with Photoshop and new designs and it should have good light and transparency and that the content of the post should be with the interests of your post followers so that your post has enough likes. You can find the content. Well, get a hashtag from the right search.

Hashtags are a place for ideas and tips for inspiring new and first-hand content. By searching the hashtag properly, you can easily get first-hand ideas.

One of the best ways to find ideas from other pages is to (Instagram post): No, make no mistake, we are not talking about content theft. Get a new post by updating its information and expressing yourself in your own style and create a better result for your page.

A slide of several slides: Like you see a multi-slide post of yourself or users in the style and interests of your users and followers, each of which may be a separate piece of content in itself, sparking an idea for the post. Be your next.

Find ideas by searching the internet for the Instagram post: Maybe sometimes we browse the sites related to our desired content, and by doing so, maybe some of our information will be updated and you will find first-hand ideas. This in itself leads to attracting the attention of users.

We will probably need to republish some of the previous posts and show them to our audience again. Like a post you put on your page, after a while that post is less visible to the audience because the many posts you put and that post on your page are at the bottom.

But do not worry that your post is at the bottom of the page and the audience sees it less, this way you can update previous posts. Sometimes you may encounter a shortage or lack of posts, or you have posts on your virtual page that you would like to put on the page again or talk about them again. But well, repetitive things do not have much effect on Instagram.

In these cases, I suggest using the previous posts, but not them themselves, with the changes you make and apply to them, such as: Complete the previous posts or change its format, so that, for example, if a The image was to turn it into a crossword puzzle or create an engaging video or podcast that reminds previous contacts and new audiences to use it.

Well, friends, we should follow a few points before posting and then send the post to get better results: First of all, we check to see if the hashtags we have chosen are ready and appropriate for the post. Second, make sure that the caption is very, very good. It is important and important that you try to ask a question inside the caption that makes the audience react.

Third, make sure that the content is not duplicate. Be careful that the content you are posting is not previously posted, but if it is, explain it better and more completely. The fourth is to add a logo. Try to leave a basic mark of yourself like the logo in the posts you make.

The fifth is to add a location. It has been seen that location is not taken very seriously, but be sure to consider the posts to be seen and do not miss the chance to be seen through the location. Follow these tips to be sure that the post will be effective.

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