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Instagram restrictions

Instagram restrictions

Here (Instagram restrictions) we explain to you and explain its types to you in a complete and specialized way.

It may happen to you that sometimes you give a direct message and send a message but your direct message is not sent, or you like a post but it is not liked, or you are not able to leave a comment under different posts. You can only follow 20 Instagram pages per hour, like only 120 posts, post 50 comments for a variety of posts with different and numerous contents, otherwise, the restrictions that Instagram has set for you and permission Has not given you extravagance and profitability. With an easy way, you can bypass these Instagram restrictions and not have such problems with the restrictions.

And the restrictions that Instagram has for your day-to-day activities: including 200 comments, 70 direct, 200 followers and following, 1000 likes that you must consider these restrictions and be very careful of this type of restriction Be.

In the previous text, you were introduced to some of the red lines or restrictions of Instagram, but the next case is when you do something that is blocked by several accounts or severe reports. The same is true when you use bots to get followers or use +18 content.

The solution in these cases is to send a review request to Instagram and ask Instagram why you have a limitation and ask it to explain what the story is (do not write it was a child’s work or something like that). Cases …) Instagram will solve your problem and help you in such situations.

In the biography section of your page, if you put a link, delete that link in the biography. This is in cases when, for example, your link is related to the installation of other programs or irrelevant sites. In general, you can delete and install Instagram from the beginning, and also delete the cache of the program.

Be sure to connect your account to Facebook and do not use modems to connect to the Internet for a while. Do not use duplicate hashtags that are said to be irrelevant.

And the limitations about the following are that for new accounts under five months 20 per hour and 100 to 150 per day and for accounts over five months 50 per hour and 150 to 200 per day Is a number.

About the comment is 180 to 200 per day, otherwise, it is considered excessive use of spam emoji. As for the caption, the number of characters for each post should be 2200, and that the username should be at least 30 characters. About hashtags for each post is 30 and the appropriate number is 10 to 15.

It can also be used for bios up to 150 characters. And for direct delivery in the day is 50 to 80 and the appropriate number of 30 to 50 is better. And about the tag on day 20 and also please tag related people.

And every year, Instagram is becoming more sensitive to robot-like activities, and it’s getting harder and harder. And there are a few things that will keep you from getting involved in blocking and have a healthier page.

But are there ways to avoid these limitations?

1. If you are new to Instagram or have joined the Instagram network, do not start following Instagram users and sending comments and likes in a hurry. Try not to behave like a spammer. So that Instagram does not confuse you with a spammer.

From the first time you log in to this network, you can publish the photos and content you posted on Instagram, but do not rush to follow. For example, post 5 photos and share them with users, but not in a row without gaps. For example, you can publish one or two posts every day and continue this process for a few days.

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