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Instagram robot

Instagram robot

Instagram robot- But in this article, we want to talk about Instagram robots. We have a general message almost every day about why my page is not growing. While I work a lot. In this text, we want to acquaint you with a fact that many of you do not pay attention to at all, and our goal is only to help you, so read without confrontation and think about it for your growth, and also for it. Take action to achieve significant success in this popular cyberspace.

If your Instagram page is not growing, it is because your page is connected to the bot. As for Instagram bots, I would say that they are against the rules of Instagram, and anything that is against the rules of the Instagram community will prevent your page from growing and you will be considered a secret. Now you may say no, I did not have a robot at all, and I do not have and I did not do this but saying these words is useless.

The fact is that you are an Instagram robot. Everyone told us not to use the Instagram robot. Well, your words are accepted. But who told us not to be robots ourselves? As far as I have gone, I have not seen any request for this. It may have been said in a different way.

But in this text, I want to tell you in my own language that you are unintentionally behaving like a robot, and that is what prevents you from growing, but also know that only a robot can be online 24 hours a day. Be. True, this space for businesses is based on their availability, but this kind of behavior that we are constantly online and active on our page is very wrong, so please give yourself a break so that you are not identified as a robot.

And go offline at all at different times so that you are not detected as a robot. Only one robot can always copy captions and hashtags. When you copy captions and hashtags and add them to your content then you will be no different from a robot. And do not expect to be visited by hashtags.

Also, only one robot can send a fixed message to everyone. This is mostly the case with those pages that have fixed services or, for example, ads and have prepared a text and always send it, or For example, those who want to give a direct message are to attract the audience, and just like that, only one robot can give a fixed answer in response to all comments.

If you are going to use a phrase or a sentence and a simple emoji in response to comments if you do not answer, it is much better, at least you are not known as a robot and it will not be to your detriment. Instagram says that his head is busy and he can not respond to various direct comments and comments. We are a robot and we are mistaken for a robot.

So please do not prove your page from now on. Like another mistake that is made is that the post is always published at a certain time, which is also similar to the robot and annoying, for example, you can half an hour Either post an hour late or early. And work in a rotation. Instead of constant and repetitive messages that even cause blocking, it is better not to whistle or even send a video and address your audience so that it can form a better relationship.

Also, robots are a platform that you can easily use to perform important activities on Instagram, such as following, liking multiple posts, posting comments and responding to comments from your users and followers, etc. It has increased the number of visits and the increase of real and targeted followers for your Instagram page. Make money on this popular virtual network.

And also, in fact, an Instagram cyberspace robot performs the same activities that you do inside your page, such as if you follow the page on Instagram and you are interested in it, or if it is under one You post your own comment post and it is exposed to everyone, or you like that post and the robot is able to do the same things.

But the important point is that the robot does this in a better and better way, with the difference that a robot in this virtual network performs this type of activity repeatedly and purposefully, and also pursues Doing these activities will increase your visits and followers on your Instagram page and how much the activity of these robots is in your favor and how many uses you can make of them and make a lot of profit, as well as Save time.

It must have happened to you that you liked a post in the great cyberspace of Instagram, and now this post can be shared by your followers and friends, or by any other account. As you know and have seen.

And when a post is liked in the notification message, such as in the Instagram feed page section of the admin (the owner of the post you like) is received, and through that, the account admin is informed that your post is liked by you. And this in itself can create acquaintance between you.

Therefore, this activity exists in the Instagram social network, which can be one of the main ways to increase the number of followers and increase the number of visits to your account, and cause a very targeted growth of your virtual page, which most Instagram robots are able to do. They are activities and you can easily activate the liking feature in your bots and also increase your page by visiting.

And as its name suggests, this section also determines how fast your robots work on your page and is not recognized by experts on Instagram and your page is not recognized as a robot and events. Badly, we have categorized the speed part of these robots into four parts: low speed, medium speed, high speed, and custom speed, which we recommend for our users to use medium speed and approximate speed or high speed.

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