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Instagram secret story

Instagram secret story

Instagram secret story- In recent years, the popular social network Instagram has made it possible to post stories on its large social network. In this feature, Instagram has given its users the opportunity to share their daily stories. In this feature, which is popular with many users, users can display their daily stories 24 hours a day.

After 24 hours of posting the story, Instagram automatically deletes users’ stories. Each story can be posted on Instagram for only 24 hours. In the Instagram story section, users are able to post their stories in the form of photos, videos, text, and even questions and answers and polls.

How to see a secret story without the user noticing? There are as many ways to do this as there are people on earth. One way is to refresh the home page and disable your internet connection and see the stories of the page you want. But the risk of this method is also high.

Another way is to use a fake account that does not work anywhere. And this can be as much a goal and motivation as the people of the planet. To be placed.

But here are six tricks to see Instagram story anonymously: The first way is to save the Instagram story, but this method can only be done for Android users. First, you must install the Instagram story viewer app and log in to your Instagram account.

Then enter the full username or ID you want to see the story and search for it, and then after finding that user you have two options: one. save allows you to save the stories as a video and watch it.

Two. Share: This method not only saves the stories as a video but also allows you to share it with others from apps like what’s an app and so on.

And the second method: Add IG story viewer can be downloaded in the Chrome browser and it is available for the desktop. After downloading, installing, and activating an eye icon next to the stories on the big Instagram site, you will see that this allows you to view all the stories secretly.

This add-on has gained a lot of popularity, but it may be due to non-compliance with the rules of Instagram in cyberspace, which sends the deletion command via Instagram to the creator of this add-on. So do not be surprised if this plugin is removed from the Chrome browser.

The third method that exists is that there are many sites that secretly view Instagram stories on this subject, as well as other services related to Instagram, which makes them the most popular on the following sites:

1- and enter the username of the person in question, and if the user has a story on his Instagram page, you can download or view the story of that user. This site is one of the most famous and most visited sites in this field.

2- story Log in to this site and enter the username of the person you want as before, if the person we want has a story in your account, you can easily download the story.

3- story downloader This is one of the great tools for viewing and viewing Instagram or downloading Instagram stories, which is completely free and can be run on all devices.

See (Instagram secret story) in a non-exclusive way

The fourth method is to sneak a peek or look under the eye to find the story you want and then you can see the story next to it and it allows you to look at the user you want to look under the eye.

And another method is the fifth method: which many people do is to disconnect from the Internet. First, you have to open your Instagram page and wait a few seconds to update and your page will load or go to the personal page. Go where you want. And then turn off your internet or your wifi and then open the story.

In this case, it is the simplest and oldest way to see (Instagram secret story), but this method may not work because other updates do not work, so before using these methods, first test them.

The sixth method is to view the story and block the user. The last but best way to hide on Instagram is to block Instagram views. To see the story of the person in question on Instagram without the person realizing it is to see the story and immediately block it.

If you want to see a person’s story anonymously, you must block it immediately after it expires. Or if you want to see the stories of your acquaintances or friends completely and secretly and you also do not want to block them. You can create a new page or a new account, or you can do it with another account and see the story of the person you want in a completely hidden way.

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