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Instagram sharing

Instagram sharing

Instagram sharing that every user has seen on their Instagram and is now a post or in a photo or video Instagram sharing is also shared in stories, but Instagram sharing is not just for you, for example. Download the post and then share it on your Instagram page.

In fact, sharing from your page can be like sending a direct message to your users and followers. Also, sharing is one of the various and widely used activities on Instagram, from story sharing to a post in groups that are on Instagram, and there are many types.

Sharing a post or a story for Instagram users and their followers is like a direct message on Instagram. Like when we became interested in a video or image on Instagram and it attracted us and you liked to send this post or story with beautiful and engaging content to your friends, acquaintances, followers, and fans and let other Instagram users Enjoy this post or story to the fullest and this post and story will be admired.

And as mentioned, sending or sharing posts to other direct pages is like the following steps. A: As you can see, there is an arrow-like mark at the bottom of each post, which is just like the Instagram Direct section. You have to click on it and then a box will open for you.

Two: The box that opens displays an image that you search for your desired page, then select the blue option to send and then send. And third: you can also drag the box up and select the option and page you want to send the relevant post to the group you want.

As for sharing the story for other direct pages, it is the same as the previous tutorial, except that it is the sharing icon at the bottom of the story and in the corner of the page. And you have done your submission by clicking on it.

And if you want to share a post from another page on your page, you have to go to your favorite post and then touch the three dots that exist, and then select the share link … and then Download the existing posts from Instagram. We download our favorite post and then save it in our phone gallery and then share it on our page.

As mentioned, video sharing on Instagram is the same and it makes no difference. Whether it is a photo post or a movie, you can easily download and share them using special programs.

As for sharing the story, as mentioned, sharing the story of Instagram cyberspace is also an interesting and good challenge in that you can share your content and posts with others, ie another account, without any hassle on the story page. Share yourself.

And to do this, you have to touch the same sign that is on Instagram, which means sharing, and then click on the desired page. And then you have to click the share icon at the bottom of each post and then touch the blue text called add post.

By doing this, you will enter your story page directly, with the difference that the post you wanted to share in your story, and now you can change it yourself and then share the story.

But one of the most interesting things is that we can share other users’ stories in our story, so when you log in to Instagram. Of course, in order to do this, you must be mentioned in that story and when you are on a page.

And when a message is sent to you directly stating that you have been mentioned after you open that message, it says “add this to your story” and when you touch it, it enters your story. By selecting your story option, your story will be shared.

And another thing is to reshare a post. This is an unusual method but a very attractive way to spend time. If in the past by sharing posts that have attracted people’s attention.

You can try your luck again, or even more than before. We are not talking about sharing a post three or four times a month. You need to change the post more professionally and lightly. Or it can give you a rebirth if it does not affect the nature of the post.

But sharing on Instagram is an inevitable issue, and Instagram users are encouraged when they see a post, whether it is a photo or a video. To publish that post. And also for the stories that have been published, which is the same on Instagram.

Sharing an Instagram story can also be an interesting challenge, as you can easily publish the post and content you produce for yourself or other users in the story or share the stories of other users’ pages. Publish.

And putting a post inside the story, in the previous articles, we explained how to share it for you on Instagram, and you have to touch the arrow-like symbol, and then select the selected accounts. And then you have to click on the sign that is the shape of the share and also the box that opens we touch a blue text add post.

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