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Instagram Story Trick

Instagram Story Trick

Instagram Story Trick Close Friend in Instagram Story

In this text, we want to discuss four tricks in the Instagram story, one of which is called a close friend and the other is to hide in the story. You can personalize your stories with a close friend. One is to hide the story and the other is the ability to see close or close friends.

In fact, a close friend in the Instagram story allows you to send some personal stories that you do not want all your followers to see just for the list of close friends that you have already specified.

We want to know more than Instagram’s close friend feature includes a list of close friends that you can delete or add to any of your followers at any time without knowing them. In addition, no one will be able to send you a story to be included in this list, and therefore the control of this list will be entirely in your hands.

And this is interesting to me because this list is available from the side menu of the profile and after creating this list in it when you want to post a new story. You can select it and you can also share that story with all your followers or only those who are on your close friend’s list.

So how do we find out if you do not know that users and followers you do not add or remove from the list? And if you are a close friend in the list of friends in the story that he shared. You will see a green icon indicating that you are on this list.

In addition, a green circle will be displayed for you in the Instagram story trick around their profile picture. And what is the story of the green circle around the story? Instagram shows you that you are viewing a dedicated story in two ways.

But the first way is that you see the green circle in your friend’s Instagram story, and the second way is that you see the green sign in a close friend and at the top right of the story. And by clicking on this icon you can see the options to add that person or user to your close friend list or edit this list.

And is a close friend used on a business page or only for personal pages? A close friend is mostly used in personal pages when a person wants to see his story only for certain people. It is also used to share very private and personal images or photos.

In fact, the close friend section is like a special section or VIP, which means that you can provide your special products and services to people. It is like assuming you have a knitting sewing training page and people have taken part in your courses, and you can also find out about your supplementary training through stories and close friends.

Like when you teach them to crochet in the form of beads through a close friend. And can all businesses do that? In response, we must say that no, pages that can do this without at least one service that is specific or VIP can not.

And can any page that has a VIP product do that? The answer to this issue is that if he has a site, he can display his VIP services on the site, but if he just wants to invest on Instagram, it depends on the page whether the number of followers is high or low.

But in the above text, the meaning of more or fewer followers is that, for example, I saw a page that was 600 ka and has a close friend. But it is difficult to separate all these followers and the best way for these pages is to create another page and accept only certain audiences and note that this new page must be locked.

Of course, you should still note that the contents of a close friend are different for each business page, but something that can be shared in all of them. VIP section and its special services. So it means you can create your VIP section in a close friend and put your content there.

Of course, you have to make good use of the various features of the story, such as the story that has a link and video or video placement of fifteen seconds, etc., well. And the last word that can be said about close friends is that you add the people you like in this section and then when you want to add your story to the close friend section.

And only your friends will see your story, and the benefits of this section are that you can send more personal and private stories to your closest friends.

Instagram Story Trick Hide in Instagram Story

But what does it mean to Hided a story? As many of you may know, Hyde Instagram is a feature where we can select a list of people we do not like to see our stories, and by activating it, everyone can see the stories we leave except the people. List and now we want to see who put us on this list.

There is only one way to find out who hacked us on Instagram, but only if the party has a highlight on the page that almost all accounts now have highlighted and put their stories in those highlights.

But how do we hide our story? All you have to do is hide the story from specific people, first go to the settings section, then click on the privacy section, and then select the story option. And in this section, you can hide the story by searching the usernames of people and they will not be able to watch that story.

You can also specify other items: 1 Access to reply to your story 2 Possibility to save the story in your mobile gallery after posting the story 3 Possibility to save in your Instagram archive after posting the story 4 and finally the possibility of Sharing your story.

But what does story hiding mean? As many of you may know, Instagram hiding is a feature that we can select from a list of people we do not like to see our stories, and by activating the feature that we leave the story, everyone can see, except for its people. the list.

And to find out who is hiding us in their story, there is only one way, but provided that the user has a highlight on his page that almost all accounts are now highlighted and users use it and the story They categorize the ones they put in it and it remains in storage and you can see them.

Lots of Instagram story tricks

And if you see that one of your followers accidentally deletes your highlight and you are no longer able to see it, unfortunately, you should know that that user will deprive you of seeing the scariest and most important things so that you can not do it. Get or watch them.

And a few things to know: Did you know that when you see a user story and after a few hours if the story is shown to you from the beginning, it means that the person is hiding you at that moment.

Did you know that Instagram has a messenger? Its name threads and is designed to communicate with close friends. Did you know that when you hide someone in a story, its highlights are not shown to you, but if you have seen the highlights before, they know that it is hidden from the story?

And did you know that when you look at a user’s story 800 times or check its page constantly if the other followers of that page do not do the same, and if the views of that page are more than 50 people, their names will be at the top of the list? Come on.

And whether you knew that any third-party software or any user who asks you for a password and username may want to endanger you and destroy your page. But also know that among all the virtual networks of Instagram It has the ability to send the story you left to your followers to other users.

Instagram Story Trick: Hide only one follower on your page

But one of the methods in hiding the story is that when you want to hide only one person among your followers, you enter the page of the desired user, and on his page at the top right of the page Select the three-dot symbol and then select the hide your story option, in which case this user will no longer be allowed to see your stories.

But the question is, how do we publish our story for one person only? This method and feature that has recently been introduced on Instagram are called the close friend’s list, where you can only separate the people you want who are like close friends and they will only see your story.

And as you can see, this has made it popular for Instagram users to use these features, and this has led to Instagram adding more features to update its app.

But how do we publish our stories only to the people we care about and our friends? But to do this, you must first log in to the program and then log in to your profile. And then click on your profile picture to enter your personal page, and after clicking on the icon at the top of the page, you will enter a section called close friends list, and select the close friends who want to see your story, and then Select the done option.

And in this case, the story that you published will be displayed only for the people you selected, and those who did not select it will not notice, and when you use this feature, all your friends who are allowed to see will notice you. Because a green bar is placed on your story.

But in order to use this feature, you must pay attention to the following points: You are allowed to delete or add people or friends in your story. And you can use the search bar in this section to find the friends and users you want.

Also, the list of users who are your friends does not come together with users who are not your friends, ie it is not shared with each other, and also when you use this feature, you can highlight the story and display it to close friends. In fact, the only people who can see that highlighted story are these close friends.

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