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Learning to change the group name

Learning to change the group name

Learning to change the group name –¬†Tutorial on changing the group name in the telegram: You may not be satisfied with the group name after it has been created or the group name has been repeated to you. Of course, there are many reasons people tend to change the name of their group or the group they are a member of. Fortunately, the telegram has the capability that you can select a new name for the group and edit the group name after you regret the name of the group. So in the following we will teach you how to change the group name in the telegram. We hope you find this helpful.

Learning to change the group name: (Group Renaming Tutorial)

First run the Telegram app. Then on the main page of the telegram, find the group you want to rename, then click on the group you want to enter.

You are now in the group chat environment you are looking for. Now tap at the top of the page where your group’s name and profile picture are located. You will see that a page opens with options. Now click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the window you are in. As you can see, a menu opens with the following options: set admins

Edit name – convert to supergroup – delet and leave group – add shortcut. From our available options we work with the Edit name option which means editing the name, then select and type it. You can now type in the name you want here. After typing the new group name, tap the check mark at the top right of the screen to save these changes. You see the group name changed and you see its new name.

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