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Link for joining to the group

Link for joining to the group

Group Invitation Training Tutorial (Link for joining to the group):Today’s tutorial is how to create an invitation link for telegram groups.When you are a group administrator in a telegram application, you can have people join your group in two ways.

The first way is to easily get people in your contacts in your group. But there is a second method, which is to send an invitation link to telegram users.

If you invite a link, then you copy and paste the link to the users you want to join.

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How to create an invite link for users (Link for joining to the group):

Link for joining to the groups

First run the Telegram app.

You are now on the home page of the telegram program. Here you will see all of your dialog boxes.

Select and tap on the group you want to enter the group dialog box.

Now tap on your group profile name or group profile photo to enter the group info page.

Now tap on the “add member” option from the options on this page.

A page will open for you, titled “Invite group or Link”, below which you will see your telegram contacts.

The icon for the title is “Invite group or Link” is a plus, which you should click on at this point.

In the next window, you will see three options: “Copy Link”, “Revoke Link” and “Share Link”.

Now tap the “Copy link” option, now your group invitation link will be copied. Now if you paste this link in the name of each of your contacts, an invitation link will be sent to him.

Now, if users who have been invited to the link, click on that link, they can join your group.

This tutorial has been translated into several languages by the Fast Group team

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