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Linux Telegram Installaion

Linux Telegram Installaion

Linux Telegram Installaion – Linux Telegram Installation Tutorial (Linux Telegram Installation): Before we teach you how to install telegram on Linux operating system, we will briefly explain to those who are not familiar with Linux operating system.

The Linux operating system was released in the year 1932 with the GNU GPL license. There are many types of Linux available today.

Over time, different operating system codes were provided. As a result, users could modify them as they read the code.

In the year Richard Stallman, who co-founded the GNU Project, wrote the largest set of GNU compilers, as well as JDB and ABMax.

In the year of “One Thousand Nine Hundred and One Nine and One” a person named Linus Torvalds released the Linux code that was licensed by GNU. And this year the Linux operating system was formed.

The Linux operating system is free. And to install and maintain it, you can easily access free information online. So Linux is a low-cost operating system.

Linux makes Unix secure. The Linux operating system also runs with the least amount of hardware.

The Linux operating system has two KDE and GNOME graphical environments that are similar to the Windows operating system. Having open source makes it possible for software developers to write as needed.

To use the Linux operating system you either need to install it automatically, or run it after you install it.

How to install telegram on Linux operating system:Linux Telegram Installaion

The first method )

Go to the Telegram site and download the Telegram Linux version. Then compress it. Now run the telegram file you downloaded to your desktop.

The second method )

The second method is to install the telegram through the terminal in two ways.

A) Your system should be up to date. Now enter the following commands in the terminal to install your telegram:

1 sudo add-apt-repository ppa: ataread

2 sudo apt-get update

3 sudo apt-get install telegram

B) Enter this command in the terminal:

1 wget https: / / updates. tdesktop. com

Now compress the downloaded telegram file by the following command:

1 tar –xf tsetup. 0. 7. 23. tar .xz

2 cd telegram /

Now type the following command to run your telegram:

1. / telegram

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