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Live Twitter

Live Twitter

Live Twitter is one of the new and very useful features of Twitter, which this new feature and feature of Toyota has recently been added to and is available to all Twitter users. However, it should be noted that to access it through the software Its mobile, which is provided for iOS and Android versions, can be used.

Due to the fact that Twitter is one of the very old social networks and has different users and audiences from all over the world who use Twitter a lot for their affairs, it has made Twitter one of the most popular social networks among users. So competing with other social networks has always tried to add new features, among which the ability to play live video or the like is one of the latest actions of Twitter.

In fact, it can be said that Twitter has done this by adding a camera to itself in such a way that it has increased its focus on images, so other people can move the desired camera on the Twitter home page by swiping from left to right. Watch and then record your desired video for up to 2 minutes by holding your finger on the Vienna Recording key and share it among your users and audience, but another part that has been added to this feature is video playback. It is alive to be with us to use it and how to teach it until the end of the article.

Before we teach you how to use Twitter live video, it should be said that this new Twitter feature is provided using the Periscope program. Of course, this does not mean that people can use this Twitter feature on the phone to use this feature. Install with you, but without the need for this software and without Twitter users and users to create an account in this software can use the services provided on Twitter for free.

Learn how to use Live Twitter

It should be noted that using Live and sending live videos and videos on Twitter is required to have Twitter software and install it on your mobile phone, so to learn how to use it, you must have the software on your mobile phone, what version of Android and What version of iOS is installed? In this section, we will teach you how to use both versions.

Send live video on Twitter using its software in the Android version

To send live video using Android versions, all you have to do is open this software and after referring to the live icon, the option of which includes Compose, select it so that you can select the live camera icon at the bottom. View the inserted page and then select it for video, so click on it.

In the same way and easily after touching it, you will see that you can record your live video and other people and your users can watch it on the timeline page. Also, other users can use it for the video you are recording using Send comments from the comments or send likes to you using the heart icon.

Upload live video using its software in the iOS version

Now, to use Twitter software in the iOS version to send live video, you can do the same as the ones mentioned in the previous section and in the Android version, and it is no different.

But the important part to note is that after shooting and playing your live video, it is also important how to stop the video, so to stop your live video, just drag your screen down and then at the bottom of the image. You will see in the video that there is an end video option that you must click on to stop your video.

Tips used in connection with the Live Twitter feature

The point to note in this section is that live images on Twitter are displayed with a special frame in this section, and usually a nice color border is placed at the bottom of the images.

Another feature of this part of Twitter is that in the images taken in this part, you can add a location or other details to it and then share it.

Due to the fact that at the beginning of the construction of the social network Twitter and in the early days, there was the ability to use images in this software and social network, but with the addition of these new features in new versions, we can see more importance of Twitter This category pointed out that in the future we should see the results.

Another important point of this section is to search and find other live videos on Twitter, which can be accessed or captured in 4 ways.

Therefore, to find live videos on Twitter, using the timeline page, which is the same schedule as the main page, as well as in the search section, and using notifications, as well as by referring to the interests section, all live videos on Twitter can be found.

Note that watching and watching all live videos on Twitter is possible for all Twitter users, so by seeing the live video notifications of other contacts on Twitter, you can click on it and view the live video of the contact person and use Send your interface from comments to Windows. You can also like the desired video by touching the heart icon.

According to the explanations mentioned in this section, we have taught you how to use live on Twitter, which can be easily used by using the mentioned methods, and also watch other live videos of your audience.

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