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Making Sticker With Robot

Making Sticker With Robot

Making Sticker With Robot – Stickers Robot Sticker Tutorial: You need to consider the tips for making a sticker telegram. The first point is that the size of the photo you want to convert to sticker should be at most 500 by twelve by 500 pixels. That is, one of its widths or lengths must be five hundred and twelve pixels, and the other one is about this.
The second point is that the file size should be less than 305K bytes.
And the third point is the sticker format. Which should have either PNG or WebP format. And the photo you selected must be distant.
One of the advantages of the telegram is the addition of a packet sticker to the taste of its users. Keep up with our sticker making tutorial.
How to make Stickers by Robot Stickers in Telegram: (Making Stickers by Robot)
Now that you have taken your photos to the formats outlined above and designed and removed by graphic applications such as Photoshop, it is now time to turn them into stickers and make them stickers.
Now sign in to the Telegram app. On the home screen, select the magnifying glass icon, then type in the @stickers robot’s magnifying glass and search for it.
You can also use this address instead:
Following is an explanation of the first method, followed by a search of the stickers bot result. Now we choose this robot to pack our sticker.
A popup window appears, which is a dialog box. Send a favorite message. Now the robot congratulates you on this part. And sends commands in a list to execute these commands.
First send / newstickerpack command.
Then send a name to your sticker.
Now, depending on your sticker state, like happy or sad, etc., give it an emoji. If so, you will see in the telegram a summary of the emoji-related stickers that you send stickers on by tapping on them.
You are now sending the photo you want. This is done by selecting the clip at the bottom of the chat window and sending the photo via file. Sending a photo must be done through the file in order not to change the size of the photo.
Send each sticker after sending each sticker. Now to get your pack sticker, enter the following command.
/ publish command
Now if the name you selected for your sticker is approved, a message will be sent to you as follows:
Sticker name
You must now submit the name of the sticker or ID sticker. And finally, tap on the sticker link you made to add it to your sticker.
If you have any questions here, you can send the help command to the robot.

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