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Most Twitter followers

Most Twitter followers

The Most Twitter followers can be expressed in the fact that due to the fact that Twitter gained a lot of fans among users after the introduction of its software and site, so that in less than a decade, the number of users and people who use it has reached one billion people, and with this volume of the number of users using Twitter, it is possible to understand how popular it is among Twitter users. Of course, it must be said that Twitter is among the 10 most popular sites, and also Its company is also among the top 500 entrepreneurial companies.

Given the importance and popularity of this software among users, it is possible to understand how many people use it, so it can be noted that the number of celebrities and those who use Twitter and their followers has increased greatly. Who are they? To get acquainted with them in this article, a number of them can be introduced, so stay tuned for more information.

An important issue that can be mentioned is that considering the number of people using social software, it can be said that few people can be seen among celebrities and other political people who use social software, especially Do not use Twitter, so this title can also be a reminder of how many followers of celebrities and celebrities.

Of course, before introducing celebrities on Twitter, it should be said that these statistics and figures are constantly changing, and it is possible that the order of the people has changed when you read this article, so now this ranking The classifications made in this article have been made.

Introducing the people who have the Most Twitter followers

The first person with the most followers on Barack Obama’s Twitter

Perhaps the strangest and most interesting thing that can be said about this ranking and rankings is that this is the first ranking of the most followers on Twitter mentioned by former US President Barack Obama. In fact, using this amount of followers of Obama’s Twitter account, which has gained more than 121 million followers, it can be said that he has become a political figure on Twitter, who is the most popular and popular among other political members of the world.

One of the salient features of Barack Obama can be expressed in his tweets, which in these tweets refer less to politics and most of his references are to other aspects of life.

2. Justin Bieber

The second person who can be introduced to the largest number of followers on Twitter accounts is Justin Bieber, a singer, and celebrity who is one of the teenagers and young people who should be said to have passed his hundred-year-old path overnight. It has become world-famous. In fact, it can be said that some celebrities climbed the ladder of progress very quickly overnight and gained a lot of fame. Justin Bieber is one of them. The 25-year-old, who is now married to his wife Haley, has gained more than 112 million followers with more than 30,000 tweets on Twitter. Has earned.

3. Katy Perry

Another person who has been ranked as the third most followed person on Twitter is Katherine Elizabeth Hudson, who has made a name for herself to her Katy Perry fans. It should be said that Katy Perry has been the first person on Twitter to have the highest number of followers, but after a while, it has lost this position. The singer, who is one of the most beautiful and proud women singers, also set four records in the Guinness Book of Records. Has left and left one of the reasons that can be said to increase the fans and popularity of this singer is his daily success.

The singer, who has been involved in singing and music since he was a child, gained his global popularity in 2007 by releasing the song “Kissing a Girl” and became famous among people. He has now gained 109 followers on Twitter. Has published more than 10,000 tweets.

4th place for Rubin Rihanna Fenty

Another person who has taken fourth place on Twitter is someone other than Rihanna, the famous singer whose real name is Rubin Rihanna Fenty, and who gave her artistic name Ariana. He is also one of the singers who has gained a lot of popularity and fans. This singer has been able to tweet more than 10,000 tweets in his account and has gained more than 97 million followers. Gained.

The singer released her debut album in 2005, but recently posted on her Twitter page more about her brand, posts and posts called Brand and Fantasy Beauty.

5- Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has the fifth-highest number of followers on Twitter. To introduce her, it can be said that Taylor Swift is an American singer and songwriter who is one of the most popular singers among people, who achieved more than 86 million followers. Has taken its place.

The famous singer, who has been nominated for awards more than 20 times in various music festivals since 2007, has made him one of the world-famous singers who is followed by many people from all over the world.

One of the personality traits and Twitter account of Taylor Swift can be considered as the fact that this celebrity has posted only 103 tweets on his account. Get and update information on his page and new skins, but this is not the case with this singer, and he has only 103 Twitter accounts, which has caused millions of people to follow him.

6- Cristiano Ronaldo

The other person who has taken sixth place on Twitter is none other than Cristiano Ronaldo, who can be considered one of the most popular players in the world. This person, who has been playing ball and football since he was a child, is now one of the most He has become popular in the virtual world. Of course, Ronaldo has also won first place in Instagram software, and it is not unlikely that he will take first place on Twitter in the coming years or even in the coming months.

With more than 85 million followers and more than 3,300 posts on Twitter, Cristiano Ronaldo has a huge following among football friends around the world.

7- Lady Gaga

Seventh place in the UK went to Stephanie Joan Angelina Germanotta, nicknamed Lee Lee Gaga, who is known around the world as Lady Gaga. He introduced that due to his great activity in various fields, he has a very clear presence in social networks, and this has caused him to gain a lot of fans.

Lady Gaga has managed to gain more than 82 million followers on Twitter by posting more than 9,000 posts on her Twitter account. Of course, it must be said that Lady Gaga has gained her legitimacy from music and singing.

8- Donald Trump

The eighth person with the Most Twitter followers is the current President of the United States of America, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is the one who is always looking for controversial tweets and tweets in his published tweets, and for this reason, he publishes many of his tweets to other world political officials.

اینکه Before he became the President of the United States, Trump was a businessman of mine and a famous television personality and a very rich and famous businessman in the United States, and he was also famous among these people and he has a lot of fans ‌.

One of the interesting and prominent features of the tweets published by Trump is that his masses often have spelling and voice errors, which is why he has become famous among people in terms of fans. The number of followers gained is 82. Millions of followers as well as the number of posts he has posted on Twitter are more than 40,000 tweets.

9- Ellen DeGeneres

Alan DeGeneres has reached the ninth place with more than 80 million followers on Twitter. To introduce this person, it can be said that Alan DeGeneres is one of the presenters, comedians, and writers, as well as a very famous American actor who is famous for his popularity. He can be named as the host of Feyz in the talk show of Allen DeGeneres, which has been one of the most successful TV programs in this program. He has also been the host of other very famous programs such as the Oscars and scientific and warm ceremonies. More than 18,000 tweets on your account have become more popular than ever.

10- Ariana Grande

Tenth place among the people who get the Most Twitter followers is someone other than Ariana Grande, who is one of the most famous American singers and actresses who started her career as a child and professionally entered the world at the age of 14. Music came in and made its way to success.

The number of Ariana Grande’s followers can be estimated at 74 million, as well as posting more than 43,000 tweets on Twitter. She is one of the young celebrities on social networks, which is very popular with young people and teenagers all over Has won the head of the world.

One of the most amazing things about the popularity and the people who have gained the most followers on Twitter is that most of the people include female celebrities who have gained their popularity all over the world and one of its wonders is the second place. He is a famous political figure among these people.

Of course, there are other celebrities on Twitter who took the positions after the top ten, which can be mainly introduced. The 11th position on Twitter has been acquired by YouTube with more than 72 million followers and followers, and then We can mention Kim Kardashian with 65 million followers, which has gained the twelfth place. Of course, it should be said that this Kardashian has also enjoyed a popular and superior position on Instagram.

The next person is Justin Timberlake, an American musician, and actress who has taken 13th place with more than 65 million followers, and then for the fourth place on Twitter, we can go to the very famous American musician and actress named Selena. Gomez noted that he is also in the top 10 on Instagram, and in the end, it should be said that the 15th place on Twitter is none other than Narendra Modi, an Indian politician who has managed to gain 58 million followers and followers.

In fact, it can be said that celebrities on Twitter include very famous celebrities, most of whom are from the United States, and some of them are from other countries. On Twitter, they gained the most followers and their profession was also expressed.

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