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MTproto protocol

MTproto protocol

MTproto protocol – MTProto Protocol in Telegram Application : Before we explain the MTProto protocol to your loved ones, let’s tell you what the word protocol means.

A protocol is a set of rules and methods by which one can communicate. Therefore, for network communication, both parties must use the same set of protocols, and if each has different protocols, communication will not occur.

The telegram application uses the MTProto protocol in its messenger to build a secure and fast connection and is built for mobile applications to connect to the server.

The MTProto protocol was developed by someone named “Nikolai Dwarf”. The MTProto protocol is based on the Duffy Hellman Key Exchange Protocol written by a team of highly educated people with a doctorate in mathematics. It also uses AES symmetric encryption algorithm and RSA asymmetric encryption.

The MTProto protocol will do its job well in all cases.

All messages shared on the telegram, including text messages, stickers and emojis, voice messages, videos and photos, are all encrypted by MTProto protocol. .

MTProto Protocol Segmentation:

This protocol is implemented in three ways, including:

API query language: means IP query language

Cryptographic layer: means the hidden layer

Transport component: means the carrier components

is .

API Query Language Method Description:

The MTProto protocol is designed for mobile applications and is associated with mobile applications via api. In API query language, the IP queries and server responses are in the form of binary based messages.

Cryptographic layer method description:

Telegram messages are first encrypted, then sent to the addressee.

Transport component method description:

Your telegram data will be transmitted by one of the protocols “HTTP, HTTP, UDP, TCP”.

Therefore, telegram messages are encrypted by this protocol to provide security in the telegram.

Encrypting information means that the information is encrypted and stored by a specific algorithm. The encoder only knows what the key to the algorithm is. The algorithm key must be used to decrypt the information.

The purpose of data encryption is to communicate securely and securely.

The algorithms used in cryptography are divided into two groups: symmetric and asymmetric.

In symmetric algorithms, the key to the algorithm is shared between those who send information and those who receive information. In this case, data encryption and decoding are the opposite. This algorithm is easy to use for encryption.

In the asymmetric algorithm there is higher security than the symmetric algorithm. Asymmetric algorithms use public and private keys instead of a common algorithm key.

The encryption algorithm code is public, but the code that performs the decryption is private. So only the person receiving the message has access to the private key. Application of the asymmetric algorithm to Internet protocols.

As a result, the advantage of symmetric algorithms is their high speed, and the advantage of asymmetric algorithms is the greater security you see.

The combination of the symmetric and asymmetric algorithm is called the hybrid algorithm.

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