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Mute the telegram

Mute the telegram

Mute the telegram – Tutorial for Telegram Application Messages: (Mute the telegram): Being a member of different groups and channels of telegram application can be very interesting and sometimes instructive. But the problem is that if we receive, send or share messages from different groups and channels or through different dialogs, the tolerance of message notification sounds will be unavoidable for us. Tolerated. This can be exacerbated when you are at work or in a place where you should not be heard by others.

Good message notification sound. Because it warns you that you have unread messages. But in the case of annoying notifications you can disable them.

How to mute messages in one of the telegram windows: Mute the telegram

First run the Telegram app. Then, on the main page of the Telegram, tap the dialog that you want to be a contact, group or channel.

Now tap on the icon at the top right of the screen and tap Mute notifications from the menu that opens. A menu will open that will specify the duration of message silence. If your desired time was longer than the two-day deadline, you can select the Disable option. That your messages will remain silent forever.

As a result, you can go to the telegram every time you want and read your messages without hearing any harassment.

However, you can disable this option if you regret it, to hear the notifications again. By double-clicking on the three dots icon and selecting unmute from the popup menu.

Mute all dialog boxes in the telegram:Mute the telegram

If you want to silence all your dialog windows, click the three-line icon on the top left of the telegram, and then select the Set option.

Now go into the staging section and select Notifications and sounds. Now disable the Alert and vibrate options under the Notification Group section.

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