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pin telegram

pin telegram – Teaching Telegram Pin Chat, Robots, Channels in Telegram: You must have a chat with a specific audience or channel or channel for you. But if you have a lot of channels and chats and groups on the telegram messenger, your telegram connection is getting dull every time. Because you have to find your own chat option each time from different chats, groups, and channels, which slows down your speed. Fortunately, in the new version of Telegram it is possible to move your option to the top of the list of chats, groups, channels and robots so that you do not look for it every time. The so-called chat or pin you call.

How to Teach Telegraph Pin:

Sign in to the Telegram Messenger first. Now stay on the same telegram homepage. On this page you will see all your chats, groups, channels, and telegram robots. Now select the option you prefer and prefer to see at the top of this list for a few seconds. For example, our preferred option is to chat with a specific audience. Note that we do not want to enter the chat environment. So on the same home screen, we touch the telegram on the chat for a few seconds to open a menu. The first option you see is the pin to top option which means “pin up”. Click on it. You will see your chat go to the top of your telegram home screen. So you can easily pin it to the top of your list.

The time comes when you decide to disable your target, robot, channel, or group pin and return it from the beginning of the list instead.

How to disable PIN:

Log into your telegram messenger. We now want to unpin the chat, robot, channel, or group we pinned. Touch it for a few seconds with your finger, and then from the menu that opens, tap on the first option, unpin from top. Your PIN will be disabled.

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