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Post pictures on telegram

Post pictures on telegram

Post pictures on telegram – Posting Telegram Images to Real Quality Audiences: In a telegram application, when users send a photo to their audience, the quality of the photo posted is lower than its actual quality. The reason is that the telegram itself compresses the image size so that it can be transmitted to the audience at a faster speed and less Internet volume. This will reduce the quality of the photo. There is a time when you want to send your photo in the same quality it really does for your audience. Perhaps one of your reasons for maintaining the quality of the photo is that you are in no hurry and your target audience is going to have it printed. We teach you a way to send it to your audience without changing the size and quality of the photo.

How to send images in the original quality telegram:

Run the Telegram app. Now from your contacts section, select your audience. Then get into regular chat. At the bottom right of the screen, tap the Clipboard icon. From the popup menu, select File option. Now find the photo you want here. Now tab on it. Then click send to send the photo you want to the audience. So instead of going to the gallery section, we go to the file section. Simply put, your photo is sent in real quality and original size to your telegram audience, channel or group in which you are a member.

Post pictures on telegram

There is a time when your only goal is to send a photo to the audience, which is not going to print it and you do not want to spend a lot of time sending it. Also, changing the size of the photo and its quality is no different. So, after you go to the telegram chat page with your target audience, click on the Clipboard icon. Now from the menu that opens, select Gallery and select the photo you want from here. Now click on the send option. The telegram compresses your photo and sends it to your audience faster.

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