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Prevent group membership

Prevent group membership

Prevent group membership – Anonymous Telegram Group Membership Prevention Training: As you know, telegram has a wide range of communication capabilities and has made anonymous people to your groups in a variety of ways for your own personal interests including commercials and so on. Invite. If you are one of those people who are upset about inviting anonymous groups for privacy and harassment, here is the solution. So join us.

Update your telegram first, then run the telegram program. Now, to avoid group membership, go to the top three lines of the telegram page and select Settings from the drop down menu. Now click on privacy and security.

In the privacy section you will see options for blocked users, last seen and groups.

Select the groups option and open it. This option is set to every body by default, ie everyone. Below is the gray text groups option that asks who can add me to chat groups? Now set this tab to my contacts so that only the telegram audience can add you to their groups. And other anonymous people can’t add you to a group without your consent. Now tick the option to save. Of course, sometimes it happens that you are not interested in joining your phone audience. Then you can adjust the settings as follows:

Enter the settings section of the Telegram settings, then select the privacy and security option and click Groups. In the next section, the never allow option does not allow you to add to a group. Now click on this option and add contacts you don’t want to be added to a group in the add users section.

At the bottom there is never an always allow option where you allow specific people in your audience to be in groups and actually list the people who are always allowed to invite you to groups. Make.

Prevent group membership

So we can manually or manually adjust settings at our own discretion to determine which groups to invite and which groups to not.

This will also relieve us of the annoying boring propaganda of telegram groups. Remember to update the telegram app before doing so.

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