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private public Instagram

private public Instagram

private public Instagram- Here we want to know how to make your Instagram page private or public. One of the good features of Instagram is that you can have your page in person and no one but your followers can see the page.

Another feature of Instagram is that you can put your same page in public, in which case all Instagram users can see all your content when they enter your page.

But in order to change your page to its current state, such as when your page is private, you want to make it public, or when your page is public, you want to make it private. To do this, pay attention to the following steps.

Public private Instagram page

First, you enter your page and go to your page and go to your profile and then at the top of the page you hit three dots and when you click on the three dots it enters another page and you are among the options that You see the word that has a private account if the sign in front of it is lit, it means blue, it means your page is in private mode, and if it is white, it means your page is public.

But why make our page private or public? Making a page private or public on Instagram depends on the user and the content on the page. We see a lot of Instagram pages that, although they are very popular and have a large audience, have made their page private.

And as the name implies, privatizing a page means when you do not want to see the video, video, or stories you post, and only see the followers you allowed to follow, then your page is called a private page.

Also, as you have heard and know, making a page public means that when you want all Instagram users to see all your content when they enter your page or even like or comment, they can easily see you without following you.

Why are most Instagram pages private and what are the benefits? The first may be surprising, but one of the ways that the user wants to attract more followers is through privatization, which in turn increases your followers and page growth.

Sometimes viewers and users on Instagram when they enter a page whose content has been made public, they are not satisfied enough to follow it and say that we can enter the page of that user and see its content whenever we want. So there is no need to follow, but if the page is very popular and you want to follow it but it is a private page, then in this case users are forced to follow because they can not see the content of the page.

And the benefit of private pages is that they try to create content for those who follow that their followers are interested in, and only users who can follow, so the followers feel that You make the content you produce based on their interest and make them feel valued.

And for this reason, in addition to giving a good feeling to your followers, you also attract new followers, in which case your users will have followers for a long time or forever. And this will make your page grow.

And why should you make your Instagram page public? One of the important reasons for this is the loss of your audience and followers, but there will be no assurance that your page will be followed and followed by users, and you should not take this big risk because you may see You will lose your page and your subject to get your page’s attention.

And as you can see, when you put your page in private mode, it will not be seen in the search and hashtags section, as well as in the Explorer section, and your posts and stories will not be in them, and it is better to know that when You make your page private, it is not

possible to link and a user can not send your post or story to a user who does not follow you.

Public Private Instagram Business Page

But you will not be able to privatize the page that is business, and if you want to privatize your business page, first put your page in public, and this means that your page can be analyzed. You lose the theme and content of your page.

But when you decide to change the page mode, like when you changed from public to private, then a short-term strategy occurs on your page. Like when you have created a new brand or product and you want to create an emotion for your product on your page, you can use this.

The reason for the public private Instagram page

But many accounts and page pages on Instagram, although they have attracted millions of followers but have made their page private, the most important reason will be that he wants to get more followers. To attract or want to keep their followers on the page. One of the most important reasons for privatizing a page is the security you have given to protect your page.

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