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Private Twitter account

Private Twitter account

A Private Twitter account is one of the features of social media accounts that many people try to do, and there are many reasons to do so.

Due to the popularity of Twitter among its users, many people see many users who like or retweet their tweets after publishing their tweets.

In fact, when you create an account on Twitter, by default your account is public and all Twitter users can follow your account and access all the content of your tweets.

Therefore, some people do not want to do this and by privatizing their account, they only select people who have confirmed themselves and are mobile, they are their followers, and only these people can access the content in the accounts. They have access.

One of the reasons why people try to privatize their accounts is to increase the security of their accounts, which in fact does not allow other people or other profiteers to misuse the content in their accounts.

Or another reason that can be stated is that some people do not want all Twitter users to be aware of all the issues that concern them, so by privatizing their account, only the friends they have selected. Allow access to their Twitter content.

How to Private Twitter account

You can apply for the privatization of your accounts both through its software and also through its site, so we teach you two ways to do that.

To privatize your account through the Twitter software on your mobile phone, you must select the settings option after logging in to your account in the Profile section, and in order to use the Windows version, you must log in to your account and log in. To enter the username and password in your profile section, you must select the Settings and Privacy option.

After selecting the above option, you must select the Privacy and Safety option in the next section, and then in the next section, you must click on the section that is Protect My Tweets and check it in blue.

Finally, after performing this process, at the bottom of the page, there is a Save Changes option, which must be selected to save the relevant process in this section. After selecting this option, it will ask you for the Twitter account password, which must be entered in entering this field, and then select Save Changes again.

Likewise, by performing these processes, your account can be easily changed from public default to private mode.

Tips for Private Twitter account

The first thing that can be done in this section is that to restore your account to the general state, you must do all these steps to the end, and the only difference in the last part is that you must select the Protect my Tweets option. Select and then you will see that your account changes from private to public.

Another point is that while people’s accounts on Twitter are public, other users can easily follow your account and be among your followers and followers, but after changing your account from public to private You do not have this feature.

People can only see the content in your account if they send you a follower request, and after sending it and receiving it by you, you have to confirm it, and if they confirm, they will be included in your followers. And all the content in your account will be displayed for them and when other users submit a request, they can be rejected and their request will not be accepted.

Another point is that with the publicity of the Twitter account of people, despite all the tweets that people used to see all of them, if they change their account to private, it is no longer possible for people to delete all those tweets. Who has already seen the stop again unless it is one of the followers of the person?

Another point in this section is that the tweets you post on your page are only visible to your followers and other people who are not your followers can not see and access them. To be.

Another point of this section, which is also very important, is that once you have made your account private, other people will not be able to produce your Toyota, even if the person you want to attract your followers, so in privatizing your account to Note this.

The other part is that if people search in Google for content related to your tweet, they should not find it and will not have access to it. This way they can be accessed.

In general, everyone can have a Twitter account and change their account from public to private, but since you have made your account private, there are restrictions that apply to your account. We told you about this part.

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