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Reply to message in telegram

Reply to message in telegram

Reply to message in telegram – Reply to Telegram Messages (Reply to Message): You may have noticed that a member of the telegram group shared a message in that group, and then others shared messages too, but you You want to address that person’s message. So what should other audiences know about which member of your message was responding to? Fortunately, in the popular telegram app, there is a feature called “replica” which means responding to group messages.

As a result, you replicate the message you want to discuss in the group, and the members of the group find out which message you are discussing.

How to replicate messages in a telegram: Reply to message in telegram

The first method )

Run the Telegram app. On the Telegram homepage, which lists all groups, channels, and chats, open the dialog you want. After entering the dialog, touch the message you want to address with a few seconds. As you can see at the top of the screen there is a menu that you have to tap on the Ripple Icon.

The shape of the Ripley Icon is in the form of an arrow to the left. Now in the Messages section, type your reply to the message you want. And tap on the blue icon next to the text to send.

Your message is now shared as a reply.

The second method )Reply to message in telegram

Open the dialog you want. Then tap the message you want to address once. As you can see, a window will pop up with options: Ripley – Copy – Forward – Dilt. Here we select Ripley and in the Messenger section, we respond to the message.

Now tap the blue icon to share your ripple message.

This tutorial has been translated into several languages by the Fast Group team

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