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The report in Tik Tok

report in TikTok

the report in TikTok- As you know, the TikTok app is a social media app that is originally from China, but due to some security and political issues, part of the app was purchased by Microsoft in the United States. This popular app allows individuals and users to record and edit their own short videos and share them with other users around the world.

No matter how high a social network is and how active and up-to-date it is in terms of security and updates, however, we should always know that anywhere in the world there may be some sick or profiteers who want to go through these spaces. Cause us trouble.

But do not worry at all, you can easily get rid of these annoying people. If you happen to encounter unusual items in this application, such as sexual or violent content, animal abuse and harassment of any animal, or any other inappropriate content, you can simply refer to the security section to view the published video, comment Report, and delete inappropriate or even another personal account in TikTok program.

First of all, it is necessary to mention that the report in TikTok is done if there is one of the following items, and if these items do not exist, you can not report anyone you want and have a problem with:

1. If someone pretends in this space that he is a well-known and famous person and claims popularity, he, therefore, intends to abuse him.

2. If someone in the space of this application sends inappropriate images, comments, ads and spam, and irrelevant.

3. If someone fakes your character and uses your profile picture and uploads your videos to pretend to be you and does not admit by talking that he is doing something wrong.

4. If someone in the program space publishes your intellectual property, ie the same posts and your personal information (copyrighted) on their page without permission.

5. If a person has posted an immoral or unconventional comment or video in the TikTok box and continues to do so after the common report.

6. If a person has posted a comment or video on topics such as self-harm (suicide), harassment (threats), or drug use.

There are three main options for the report in TikTok, meaning you can apply reporting in three ways:

1. Report videos that are published with inappropriate content.

2. Report accounts of users who publish inappropriate content.

3. Report comments written with obscene or annoying words.

How to report video in the TikTok app:

Definitely, if you are a TikTok user, have you ever wanted to delete a movie from your TikTok due to its inappropriate and uninteresting content, in other words, report it. You do not have to work hard to report an inappropriate movie in the TikTok app, and you can easily do this by tapping a few icons and selecting a few options.

To report an inappropriate video. After playing the video, we go to the icons next to the video. Touch the arrow icon in the right corner of the image labeled (Share). We can use this icon in many ways and when we touch it, it shows us many options.

In this list of options that have appeared for us, there is an option called “Report”, by selecting that option, we can report and report the video we are considering.

Well, this is not the end of the story, and we need to go through the easy steps to be able to report the video. Selecting the Report option on your mobile screen will open a new page that will display a number of options and reasons for you, and you must select the reason for your report on this page.

Note that it may be necessary to select an option displayed in this list, but if you have another reason that is not in this list, you can mention it in writing.

Then, after selecting the desired option, you can prepare the inappropriate images that you have been offended by and put them in the relevant section and explain why you are reporting that video and state the reason why the video is inappropriate.

Finally, when you have finished your work and noted the necessary explanations on this page, and you are sure of what you said, you can click on the “Submit” option. Until your video is reported and after confirming the truth of what you said, that video will be reported.

The most important thing about video reporting is that you may find in the video that someone is in immediate physical or sexual danger, so what humanity needs to do is: Contact your local police immediately and report the video and account information so they can track and rescue the person if possible.

You may think that the content of the released video is not just for you and it may not be a problem for others to see that video, at this time it is not necessary to report that video and you can only do that because the video is for you No longer shown Tap the center of the video and hold your hand slightly until a small menu appears on your mobile screen.

From there you can access a number of options, there is an option called “Not Interested” that you can tap to no longer show that video or video with similar content.

You can also tap “More” after the small menu in the middle of the screen appears to hide all the videos from that person or with that sound (background music or sound) so that you are no longer annoyed.

The above is all you need to know about video reporting in the TikTok app. But now we want to go to the second option of reporting in TikTok, which is the account report in TikTok, and explains how to do it:

How to report an account in TikTok:

Have you ever come across inappropriate content on a social network but do not know how to remove it?

If you come across a user account in the TikTok app that is constantly posting inappropriate content or misleading information that you do not consider appropriate for yourself and other users, you can use that account. Report a user or in other words report it.

To do this, you do not need to bother yourself or do hard work, you just need to go to the video first and run it.

After opening the video, you need to tap the Account button. To enter the home page of the account that posted the inappropriate content and access the account of the person in question.

Then tap the three-dot icon at the top right of the account screen. Now, when a page of different options opens, you should select the “Report” option and then, as in the previous step, select the reason for your report to report that account. Again, you may need to select a specific reason on the page below.

You can then provide images and a description of your report. When you’re done, tap the “Submit” icon to easily report the page you want.

You can easily report the page you want and the page or content will no longer be visible to you.

Now we come to the third method, which is the comment report in the TikTok app, in this step you can act much easier and faster than the previous steps:

Report a comment in TikTok:

In order to be able to report a particular comment or Kant, all you need to do is; Tap on that comment and hold your hand on it for a short time until a small white menu appears.

In this small white menu, options about that comment will appear for you. One of these options is “Report”. By selecting this option, you will be taken to the next page. On the next page, a number of options and options are written, and by selecting one of them, you can determine the reason for your report.

There is also a section where if you have another reason to report this comment, you can write and submit it to the program security support unit and simply report a comment.

If that comment is below your post, reporting it to others will no longer appear and will be deleted altogether, but if you want to report a count on another page, it will only be deleted for you.

Note if you want to report an account or post that is generally removed from the TikTok network; It is necessary for other people besides yourself to report that account or post, which if the reports are high, the main network support will remove it from the program.

Even if the user is found to be annoying or abnormal, the network security management may no longer allow that person to create an account with that email or phone number, even with another username.

In some other virtual networks, such as Instagram, there are these rules, and to delete that account or post completely, you have to ask others to report it, so that the account is completely blocked.

This ability to report posts and user accounts is said to have initially been a security imitation of the Instagram app, which seems to be a good imitation.

But in the meantime, the comment reporting feature is only possible in the TikTok app, and other apps have not yet been able to add this feature to their apps; It should be noted that this feature will be copied in future updates, but this has not happened yet, and unfortunately, we have seen many irrelevant and inappropriate comments in these virtual spaces.

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