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Return to group

Return to group

Return to group – Return to the Telegram Group you left out : You may also have been unwilling to leave the group or become so embarrassed about it. Or you can leave the group at your own discretion and regret it after you leave the group. And look for a way back to that group.

The first thing you should think about is asking people in that group to help you add or add. That is, if you go outside of that group into their dialog, but you should know that they can’t do anything for you either.

Now if you have a group link you can go back to the group but what if you don’t have the link?

We tell you the way to get back to your favorite group in the way we teach you. So join us.

How to get back to the telegram group you left:

Look up in the Google section of your device by connecting to your telegram. A window will now open asking you for your country and country code and your country code and mobile number. That you are typing all this. Then tap the next option at the top of the page. You will now type in the five-digit security code that the telegram sends to you in the chat box where your number is inserted. You have to wait a bit. After you type in the security code you will be redirected to your telegram account.

Return to group

Now find the group name you deleted. Then click on your target group and select the Return to group option to return to the group to return to your telegram group.

This tutorial has been translated into several languages by the Fast Group team

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