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Robot Form Builder

Robot Form Builder

Robot Form Builder – Robot @Vot Television Poll Form Training (Form Robot): Sometimes you may want to know about the members of the telegram group as a group administrator.

You may even be interested in knowing what your telegram group members think, the quality of the group, or similar questions.

One of the features of the telegram application is the practical use of telegram robots. These robots have different functionality. Here’s how to build a poll form by the @vot telegram robot.

With this robot you can easily create a poll form. And also submit this form to your group or channel or to your audience. So join us.

How to Create a Poll Form in Telegram by @vot Robot: Form Builder Robot

First run the Telegram app. Now on the Telegram homepage, you will see a list of all your dialog boxes. Open one of the dialogs. For example, consider one of your target audience. Then log in to your contact’s chat page.

Now type @vot in the message field. Note that there should be no gap between Odysseus and the robot’s name. Then send it like all your regular messages. @Vot is now visible in blue. Tap @vot to enter the robot’s environment.

Now, at the bottom of this page, click on the “Start” option to create your poll form.

Type the question you want to put in your group for the survey and then submit. for example :

What do you think about the quality of this band?

Then type the first option you want to select for your question. For example, the answer is:


You are now entering the second option. for example :


Then you enter the third option. for example :


If you wish, you can increase the number of options. You can even double-check your poll form.

If you sent in your options and you have no other option, now type in the command @vot itself, the / done command.

You see, a window will open for you. In this window it informs you that the poll form has been prepared.

Click on publish now means publish to share this poll form with your group members.

Now open one of your groups. At the bottom of the form there is a form. Now tap on it to send.

Your survey form has been submitted. If any members of the group comment on this form, their comments will be recorded.

You can also update the results inside the @vot chat environment inside the robot and in the “Update Update” section.

In this section you can see how many people took part in the poll. Also what each member commented on.

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