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rules of Instagram

rules of Instagram

rules of Instagram- In order to grow faster and be more popular on Instagram, you need to know a series of rules and tips on Instagram. But if you do not know, you can grow, but only your growth rate will be slower.

These rules and regulations have not been officially mentioned anywhere on Instagram, and the conversations that take place are the result of trial and error. Instagram has become difficult to communicate and interact with, and your goal should be to communicate on Instagram. Your posts and stories should eventually be relevant.

Well, for posts, you should have a call to action in the caption or the last slide or at the end of the video. Tribalism on Instagram, which we will talk more about in the future, will make you grow very fast, and you should have daily posts and stories if you do not post daily. Make sure you have a story to keep in touch with your audience.

And now most brands have entered Instagram to have a direct relationship with their audience, and this is two-way communication. Some people and users can sell by placing a sample or just a photo of the product because this is Instagram.

And that you should publish content related to your product or service so that more people know you and get to know you. And follow you. Until later, they will buy products or use your services.

The user is self-knitting or selling clothes, but he only posted a photo of the product on his page, so it is clear that it will not grow. For example, he should leave a training post so that the audience likes it, or he should leave a comment and even story the post so that the other side’s page is seen more and attracts more customers.

If you have been active on Instagram, you have definitely heard this word a lot. And influencers are people who work on Instagram. And they have a lot of fans, or in other words, they have relatively high followers. Influencers are divided into different categories based on the number of followers and the subject of the activity.

Famous influencers like artists and athletes Weiners … Industry influencers like factory owners, big companies and organizations and … Media influencers like popular TV presenters and … Content producers or bloggers who in one Certain field produce content professionally, like me …

Types of influencers in terms of a number of followers: one micro-influencer: people who have up to 10 thousand followers. Second Macro Influencer: People who have between 10,000 and 100,000 followers. Three mega influencers: People who have more than 100,000 followers. The fields of influence of influencers are very diverse and are not limited to a specific business.

The income of influencers is not exactly known and depending on the number of followers, the number of visits to posts and the subject of activities may be variable, but it earns approximately between 5 to 500 million Tomans per month. Of course, there are also influencers who have sums. They earn more than that in a month, but because they are few, we did not include them in this comparison.

Instagram has rules and regulations that users are required to abide by. If users do not follow the rules of Instagram, this action can delete their Instagram account.

1 Avoid any spamming activity on Instagram. Instagram will block any activity that detects spam and will block your Instagram account.

2 Publish your own content and avoid copying Post your own photos and videos on Instagram and avoid copying.

And as you can see, in the rules, publishing any photo or video completely naked is against the rules of Instagram. And of course, this rule does not apply to works of art such as drawing and painting.

But it is against the rules to buy unrealistic followers, likes, and comments, and giving gifts in exchange for receiving followers, likes and comments are against the rules. But any kind of harassment, humiliation, and threat of people in any form of gender discrimination, racial discrimination, and encouraging violence against anything is against the rules of Instagram.

Also, providing sexual services, buying and selling firearms, alcohol and tobacco products, and buying and selling illegal drugs and live animals (in person) is against the rules of Instagram. Content such as (photos, music videos, etc.) that you publish or should be for yourself.

Either publish it with the name and logo of the original publisher or for the changes you make, it must have permission from the owner of the work, otherwise, it is against the rules of Instagram. And as you know, following any site or application such as robots, followers, finders, followers, etc … is against the rules of Instagram.

But using any feature, such as directing, commenting, tagging, etc., that is used in the wrong and excessive direction and causes inconvenience to users, is considered spam, or you are known, and this is against the rules.

And if you do not know the rules, you may do something unwanted that will limit your page, and in order not to get caught in this problem, take a few minutes and read this very important text from beginning to end and do something unwanted. Do not make it expensive for you.

And in order to have the necessary activity on your Instagram page and page, be sure to get acquainted with the rules and regulations of Instagram and observe items such as copyright law and the amount allowed for activities … but otherwise it is possible You may face restrictions and rules or even your page will be closed.

And as it was said, in some cases, if the reason for deleting the page has certain cases and it is possible to return the page by following up, but in some cases, the page will be closed forever.

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