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Search on Twitter

Search on Twitter

Search on Twitter is one of the most important parts of Twitter that can be generalized to search for other people and friends on Twitter, or you can use this section on Twitter to search for important content and news. Hot World Payments.

Twitter is one of the most important social networks that have a very important role among its users, which can be used to post tweets with a limit of 280 characters on Twitter and publish them for its users.

In fact, this feature of character limitation for people on Twitter, which at the beginning and the first days of the introduction of Twitter was 140 characters among users, led to the creation of this unique feature that people can easily and quickly Follow the margins on Twitter without spending a lot of time on them.

Due to the importance of Twitter among its users, a number of people who have recently joined the group of Twitter users can read this article on how to search for important and hot content and also find other contacts and friends in reading Twitter.

How to Search on Twitter for tweets, hashtags, and important content

One of the parts that have a very efficient and colorful role in Witter is this part of Twitter, which people can easily use to find and read important content.

To search for hashtags and hot content, you can do this by first logging into your Twitter account through the Twitter software or Twitter site, and then on the opposite page, you can Type the item you are looking for and then find it.

After finding your search results, you will see that all the content that has been revealed to you in this section is a combination of all the tweets, photos, videos, people’s accounts, and many other things, which according to this If you want to read a specific category only, you can choose from the options that are provided to filter this content.

Among the items that exist in these options and can be used to filter your search results include top options, people accounts, videos, photos, if you select any of these The options at the top of the search box shows only the desired category.

As a result, after selecting the filter you want to view and see all the news from the search, you must click on the More options option to gain access to the above content.

One of the special features that Twitter has provided to its users and followers is the use of advanced search options, which can be used to consider your search results by considering certain cases. Limit to what you want, and as a result, the search results are closer to what you want, and the information you want can be easily found.

To use this feature and the advanced search that is available to users by logging in to the Twitter site, you can proceed by logging in to the site first and also logging in to your Twitter account. Then you have to click on More options in the atmosphere of the Twitter site at the top of the page to display the resulting window.

After displaying the above window, click on the Advanced search option among all the options, and then for the item, you are looking for, set your restrictions, which include the specific date range in which the tweets were published, or the restriction. Select people and many more in this section.

In the selection, after entering all the above items, click on the Search option to reveal the results. This way you can easily find and use all the tweets you are looking for.

How to Search on Twitter to find people and other people and friends

Another part that exists on Twitter for people and its use is very important and efficient is how to search for other people and audiences, which we try to find on Twitter with only limited information.

So to find them, follow the methods mentioned below to find all your friends in the shortest possible time and with the best actions.

Of course, note that in order to find other people and friends on Twitter, you must make sure that the person in question has an account on Twitter, and then try to find it.

Because if the person in question does not have an account on Twitter, so you will not get results by spending your time, so in the first step, make sure that all the people you want to find their Twitter account must have opened an account, and He then proceeded to search for them.

To find people on Twitter, in this section, we try to guide your dear ones through two tutorials, which can be used to find the person you are looking for, considering each of its methods and limitations.

The first method that is used to find people on Twitter, and we have taught it to you, is the method in which we act through intermediaries that we have from the person we want.

In fact, this means that on Twitter, because most of its users do not put their real name, so it is difficult to find people in it, this is exactly the feature of Twitter and its users, unlike Facebook and Google Plus and in these cases, you can easily find the person you want if you have an account.

Due to the fact that using Twitter is usually fake for people, so to find a person, we need intermediaries that can be used to find people, for which Twitter itself, using the features and capabilities that It has been added that it can be used.

This Twitter feature includes a page that puts the search based on the real name of the person, which can be accessed on the Who to follow the page, and in the search section, the real name of the person can be found. Searched.

In the end, you will see a number of users that you can find by looking at their profile picture and photos of people or other descriptions in the bio section of the person you are looking for, and as a result, after finding it. You can follow it by clicking on his name.

The point that should be captured in this section is that this section and Twitter search is effective when you create an account by people in steps-L and the part where people ask for their real name Let people enter their real name.

In this case, by entering the real name of each person when creating an account, we can easily find them when we are looking for them, but there is a time when people use their real names when creating and creating their accounts. They have not entered or if they have entered their real name, we do not know their real name, so in this case, this option can not be used.

Therefore, the second method in this section to find other people and people is to use Followerwonk to find people through their profiles, through which you can also find the people you want.

In fact, this method can be introduced in such a way that by using this search method, people’s profiles can be searched based on keywords. In this section, there is a default option for searching for each person, Twitter Profiles, but of course, there is another option that people can choose, which performs the search according to that option. Twitter Bios Only.

If you want to enter the details that you have of the person you want, you can select More Options at the bottom of the page. In this section, there are restrictions for entering the relevant details, including the name of the location of the person or many Use the other details that exist and use it to advance your search path.

Note that if you do not limit your search to the details provided, the results and the user accounts that Twitter displays for you are very large, and this will take a lot of time for other people.

Therefore, in the section of entering the details restrictions, the place where the person lives, or the number of tweets that he has posted on his page, or other cases, this number can be reduced to the lowest possible level in order to increase the speed of action. Find the person you want.

The part of Twitter is searching for your mobile contacts on Twitter, which is a very efficient feature and many people do not use it to find their contacts’ Twitter accounts. To use this method, you can use this method. First, go to your Twitter page, and then in the profile section of your account, you must select the option of privacy and security settings.

Then, after selecting the above option, you must select the option of privacy and security, and then you must also select the option of contact availability, as well as all the people and contacts of your mobile phone who have a Twitter account. Shows to you and you can follow them by selecting the follow nettle.

Another point that can be mentioned in this section is that many people on Twitter are looking for other people who are close to their interests, that is, in fact, people without knowing each person and without having an initial acquaintance are looking for someone. Is that he has close interests with her and almost follows common pages on Twitter.

So to find such people, after entering Twitter, you can click on the page in front of you in the home icon section, and then on this page, you will see that Twitter itself offers you a list of people with interests. You have a subscription and you can follow these people by selecting and multiplying them.

According to the cases that were addressed in this article, you can easily find other people you are subscribing to on Twitter, and if you do not know the username of their account, you can use the methods that we taught in this section for all users and people through them to find the people you want.

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