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Search the Telegram

Search the Telegram

Search the Telegram – Searching for Telegram Group Members: You might be curious to know how to search for telegram group members. You can search for group members in the telegram by their username. So if you know your personal username, even if it doesn’t have your number, you can still search for members of the telegram group by the way we teach you. Also chat with them.

There are two ways to search for members of the telegram group that we will teach you below:

Method One)

Knowing the username of the target audience, for example we used the asd_teh username. In the web browser, type, then searching. That is, we mean to type in the following address and / or username and then search. After completing the above steps, a dialog with the target audience will open for you. You can now chat and share with your audience.

Method Two)

First run the Telegram app. Then open the dialog with a friend you are more intimate with, or the dialog with yourself (this topic has already been taught as a telegram).

Now if for example the username of the person being searched is asd_teh. In the dialog with your friend, you are sending @asd_teh a message. That is, you are adding the first person’s username to the @ . Now send this message. After you send a message to your friend, you link to it. Now click on the link on the chat page with your friend.

You will see that you will be redirected to the dialog with the person you were looking for.

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