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Secret chat

Secret chat

Confidential Conversations in Secret Telegram Chat: One of the options in the popular telegram messenger is the Secret Secret option which means confidential conversations. Confidential conversations have many advantages that are not available in regular chat. The most important advantage of chat secret is user privacy.

Chat chat is very private and confidential, and keeps your chat content secret. This way, no one other than the server user can understand the secret chat content.

Another important feature of Self destrut secret chat is self-destruction. Through this feature, user confidential conversations can set a time for their chat to be erased from both sides of the phone after the specified time has elapsed. This is when you don’t want your audience to abuse your chat content. Because your chat information is encrypted and the server is no longer able to read it. Even hacker attempts will be useless and will not be able to access your chat content.

The next advantage of chat secret is the ability to erase private chat. If you delete the content of your private chat, it will also be deleted from your target phone, whether it reads or reads your message.

Another advantage of chat secret is that if you use your telegram chat elsewhere with your phone line, your chat history and chat content will not be displayed. There is also no possibility of forwarding a message to the chat secret, as it is a private and secure chat. So you can’t forward.

Also in this episode, screenshots prohibiting filming and capturing private chat are prohibited.

How to create a secret conversation:

The first method )

Click the three lines above and to the left of the telegram. Now tab on the New Secret Chat option. Now select your contacts from your contacts and send a message to your contacts.

The second method )

Go to the regular chat section by selecting one of your audience. Now tap on the profile name of your target audience once. Select the phrase Start Secret Chat from the bottom of the page.

Automatically delete message in private chat:

The first method )

You go to the private chat and leave a message, then tick the three dots at the top right of the chat and select the “Timer Access Predictor Set” option. You can now set how long your message will be cleared, such as one week, one second, two seconds, one minute, one hour, one day and …

And if you select the “Off” option you will disable this.

The second method )

Tap the three lines at the top of the screen. Click the Set option. Now tab on the “Price & Security” option. There is a question at the bottom of the page If youre away for: You specify the specific time you want your chat to be automatically deleted.

Specify the specified interval here. By default, this is six months.

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