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Secret telegram message

Secret telegram message

Secret telegram message – Sometimes after you receive a message from your telegram recipient, you do not want the sender to know that you have read the message. But the second tick next to the message reveals this. Because in the telegram app, the messages that are sent to you until you open it will have a tick next to it indicating that you haven’t read it and the sender will see it, but when You open two ticks next to each other and the sender of the message will be notified of your reading status.

So what is the solution to the secret telegram message? So join us to teach you a way to read the message you received through your telegram settings, but don’t miss a second.

First click on the top three lines to the left of the Telegram app. Then select the setting tab to adjust the settings. From the popup menu, select Notification and sounds. This section guides you through the message and sound settings. Now click on the Pop up Notification option. A menu opens with four options: No pop up – Only when screen off – Always show pop up

We now describe each. Option 1 No pop up: This is the default section of notifications. This means no pop-ups are enabled and after receiving the message and reading it the sender notices it because a second tick is struck.

Only when screen on option: Enabling this when you receive a message and your phone’s screen is on will show the message in the pop-up window completely without a second check. The second tick will be deactivated until you open your message in the telegram.

Only when screen off option: The difference with previous options is that it only shows the message in the pop-up window when the screen is off.

Last option Always show pop up: Enable whether your screen is on or off, your message will be displayed in the pop-up window,

Without a second tick.

All the options in this section except No pop up will disable the second tick of the message until you open the message inside the telegram.

Enabling this section will open a window for you to read the message inside this pop-up window after you receive a message from your audience.

After the above steps, if you are sent a message you will see a pop-up window on your phone and you will no longer need to open the message because you are reading this message.

Therefore, a second tick will not be sent unless you intend to communicate with the sender of the message and do not respond to the message.

There is a second way to read your personal messages secretly, when you receive a message, disconnect your Internet and then read the messages. So, unless you are connected to the Internet, the second tick will not hit and the sender of the message will not notice it being read.

There is also a third way to use programs such as phonograms to keep the sender of the telegram secret from being notified, by choosing any of the three methods you would like to read the secret telegram.

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