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Send file to telegram

Send file to telegram

Send file to telegram – Telegram Tutorial: Sending a file to a telegram is not just about sending photos or the like. Instead, you can share any file you have stored on your phone with this telegram feature for your group, channel or audience. So you can easily send all files that are in your internal storage, SD memory, telegram and gallery to your audience. Such as photos, songs, videos, text files and more.

How to File a Telegram:

To share your file with your telegram audience, first run the Telegram app, then find the target or group or channel on the telegram homepage. If your target audience is not on the home screen, tap the icon on the top three left-hand corner of the home screen. Now, from the menu that opens, go into your telegram contacts and find your target audience. Then enter the dialog with him. Now tab on the bottom clip icon to the right of the screen. As you can see, a menu opens and you have to select the file option.

You will now see the following options including:

Internal Storages: Files that are in your device’s internal storage.

SD Card: Files that are in the auxiliary memory of your device’s SD.

/:: This is the root part of your phone. Files that are stored in cache memory, for example. This section is of little use for sharing.

Telegram: All files shared in the telegram.

Gallery: All photos in your gallery.

Resent: The files you just shared on the telegram.

Send file to telegram

Considering which of the above options we’ve explained to you, open the file you want to send, depending on the file we want to send. Then search for the file you want and easily find it once with one click.

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