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Send photo with text

Send photo with text

Send photo with text – Text-to-Photo Tutorials In Telegram Messenger: Be sure to find posts in the channels and groups you’ve been a member of in the text. The photo you send to your group, channel or audience on the telegram can be in the text. Text that you add to the photo yourself. This photo with text can be used to explain your photo. For example, in the text you type, explain who this person is or where they are.

You can also post a poem or any other text that you think is relevant and relevant to your photo subject. As a result, you are sending two messages with one message. This means you do not need to submit the photo first, then write the text. The way we teach you will text your photo and send it to your audience in the form of a message.

How to send a picture to text in the telegram:

To send a photo with text first run the telegram app. Then, on the telegram homepage, click on the three-line icon and from the menu that opens, select the Contacts tab. Then select the contact you want. Now enter the two-person dialog. At the bottom of the screen, tap the clipboard icon. Click the photo you want to submit before it opens.

Now click the T mark at the top of the page. Now type the text you want. Sometimes, instead of the T mark at the top, we add “Add a caption”. Does not matter . Just click on the phrase. To easily write your text here. Now click the check mark at the top of the page. Then click send to send your photo, along with the text you typed, to your audience or group.

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