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Send voicemail on telegram

Send voicemail on telegram

Send voicemail on telegram – Voicemail Tutorial: Another popular feature of the telegram is the ability to send voicemails in two-person chat windows, groups and channels. The telegram voice message is quite different from the voice conversation in the telegram. Because in a telegram voice call, you either call or call your target audience. Which is not currently used in Iran. But in sending an audio message, such as sending and sharing photos, videos, stickers, music, etc., what you share is an audio message that you record yourself and send to groups.

There are times when you are in the chat window and you do not want to type your messages because there are many, so you prefer to share them in audio format.

Or you want to share the voicemail to all members of a group and channel. In short, voicemail or voicemail has many uses and users make great use of it.

How to send voicemail or voicemail: (Send voicemail on telegram)

Run the Telegram app. Open a dialog between your telegram audience or the groups and channels you are a member of. You are now in the chat section. You should tap the microphone icon for a few seconds at the bottom right of the screen to record your sound. That is, the telegram performs the sound recording process exactly from the time you place your finger on the microphone icon until you lift your finger. And it quickly shares it with the audience or groups and channels you sent audio.

How to cancel voicemail or voicemail during recording:Send voicemail on telegram

There may be times when you want to cancel your visitor recording. For example, when recording a voice message, someone else’s voice is also unwanted.

The way to do this is to swipe left on the microphone icon and lift your hand over the microphone icon. So your visa will be canceled. Each time you have this problem, you can easily stop recording your voice message and not send it.

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