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Sonic Sticker Maker

Sonic Sticker Maker

Sonic Sticker Maker – Making a Sticker by Weissbot Robot: The @voicetbot robot is a smart telegram robot that you can build interesting stickers for online.

Keep up with the fast telegram.

How to Create a Audio Sticker by @voicetbot: The Audio Sticker Robot

First run the Telegram app.

Then on the Telegram homepage, select one of the dialog boxes. You can even choose your own dialog box.

Then type @ voicetbot at the bottom of the dialog. Send the message now. As you can see, the color of the text you send is blue.

So our robot address is enabled. We tap on the blue text to guide us to the robot dialog box.

In the chat window with the robot @voicetbot, before you hit the bottom of the “Start” button, he has sent you a task description of the robot in the @voicetbot page.

Now tap on the “Start” button at the bottom of the screen to start your relationship with @voicetbot.

Then type and send your favorite word or wave along with a space after @voicetbot.

The service also includes the following menus:

Add New Vis, Characters, Personal Visas, Public Visas, Most Popular, Favorite Visas, Our Robots, Contact Us, Help

“Add New Vis” option:

To add the one you want, add it to the program. How to use this option is to tap on the microphone button in the lower right corner of the dialog box and record your voice after entering the new widget. It may be possible to add the one you previously recorded to this section.

You can save your widgets in the public folder or in the private folder.

Private widgets will only open for you, and search for them in the @voicetbot robot:

@voicetbot fav

But public visas are also searchable by others, so search for: (Sonic Sticker Maker)

@voicetbot pub

“Characters” option:

You can see the preset characters of the robot by tapping on this option. By tapping on one of your chosen characters, a few viruses will be sent to you by the @voicetbot robot you choose.

If you would like to see the continuation of the visuals, tap the button on the next page. You can share your audio sticker from this page.

Most Popular:

Tap this option to send you popular widgets. You can also share from here.

Our Robots option:

By tapping on this option you will be given an ID, which is the reference for telegram robots.

“Contact Us” option:

The telegram id and the email address of the robot @voicetbot that you have any suggestions or criticisms for, you are communicating here.

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