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stay home Instagram

stay home Instagram

stay home Instagram- stay home What is Instagram? Instagram encourages its users and viewers to stay home during the coronavirus epidemic in all parts of the world and the high number of deaths, both young and old, and most of the elderly and people with certain diseases Instagram has added new features for its users to its app and launched it.

And Instagram allows your friends and users to communicate virtually with each other on Instagram and see each other in a video chat as a video call and communicate easily, and this relieves the sadness of being away. Become users, relatives, and friends.

Also, Instagram’s stay home feature gives its users and followers the ability to add a new sticker and sticker to stay at home or stay home to the story and encourage their friends to stay home as soon as possible. The sooner the world calms down. To show its users, followers, and viewers how to spend their time while at a social distance.

One of the features of the stay home label is for fitness enthusiasts. Having gyms all over the country make it possible for them to provide fitness tips to be done at home with those around them and to pay attention to their weight while staying at home and to prevent many diseases.

The World Health Organization states that the prevalence of coronavirus per second is an important principle for public health. And with its initiative, Instagram is taking steps to help people in security and communication in order to help save the world and the lives of thousands of innocent people as soon as possible.

And as you know, stay home and the story on (stay at home on Instagram) and its ability, the main purpose of which is to observe social distance during the coronavirus, and for people all over the world to stay at home and be quarantined to get infected. Do not get the coronavirus, or if they are carriers, do not infect other innocent people with the virus, and do not cause the death of many people.

The stay home sticker is intended to show social distance and stay at home, and users who use this sticker can add their own stories to the stories of others in this field to allow Instagram users and Viewers to see stories that have to stay home.

If you use the stay home tag, the photo or video you post will be added as a Story to Stay Home, allowing users to see how you stay home safe and sound and not hurt other people. Or did not harm the world in general.

You can also stay home with other friends and parents through stories and stickers, as well as Instagram users on how to keep your children at home and away from school, and you can also give them tips. And for learning tutorials and learning materials online and they can even use Instagram for training.

And provide training posts to your users, and Instagram, in addition to sticking a story or sticker at home, has added other useful stickers that include hand washing reminder programs and keeping a safe distance from other people.

The purpose of Instagram to put this feature is to encourage users and people to stay at home and also to observe health and safety principles. And of course, the most important help to get rid of the coronavirus is to stay home until the virus is completely eradicated.

And now the point is how can we use the stay home icon on our stories? First, select the image or video to add to the story. Then select the objects in the section where the symbol stays at home and add it to your story. And now you can share the story.

Instagram has a large audience among the virtual networks and is considered one of the biggest brands in the world, so this large social network should take responsibilities as well as take measures to fight the Coronavirus, which is why the official account of the Instagram public relations team News of changes in Instagram to inform viewers about the coronavirus.
One of the most important steps that Instagram takes is to remove and delete information that is published incorrectly, as well as about coronavirus. Instagram has announced that hashtags that give incorrect information to users will be blocked and restricted. Also, Instagram automatically removes ads that take advantage of the current situation so that profiteers do not cause more problems at this important time for people.
Or the pistachio that may confuse Instagram viewers and users, which is being investigated by Instagram fact-finding partners.
Also, for users who want to have information about the coronavirus on Instagram, it is enough to search for the word related to the coronavirus, which will be a priority to display with the accounts of the health organization, which is valid and will help users a lot.

Also, Instagram will no longer allow them to use or search for corona-related story effects. Or be known and built-in collaboration with a health organization. And this attempt by Instagram to connect people with health information is valid.

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