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sticker robot usage

sticker robot usage

sticker robot usage – @Stickers robot applications in telegram (sticker robot usage): The @stickers robot is a very popular telegram robot. The applications of the Stickers robot are related to the construction and editing of the telegram sticker.

Since the creation of the sticker or packet sticker and adding it to another telegram environment, users have been using the sticker robot for more sticker features by the sticker robot.

Stickers have a special place in the telegram application because there are often times when users can’t express their good and bad feelings in the telegram dialog boxes. It is here that stickers help to express these feelings.

You can also convey concepts in the form of humor, romance, nostalgia, congratulations, and condolences by making stickers.

Making local stickers, making different brand stickers, is another application of this robot.

You can read the sticker making process that we have already fully taught in sticker making with the stickers robot.

Frequently Asked Questions (sticker robot usage)

1. Can you add a new sticker to the previous one after the stickers are made by the stickers robot?

Yes, type the following command after running the Stickers robot to complete the steps to add the sticker to the pack telegram, following a list of commands the robot will send to you:

/ newstickerpack – create a new sticker pack


/ addsticker to an existing pack

2. Can a sticker be removed from a pack made by the stickers robot after making the stickers?

Yes it is possible. You should type and send the following command after running this robot. The Stickers robot then provides you with a simple list of things to do.

/ delsticker – remove a sticker from an existing pack

3. Can you edit the order of packages of your stickers?

Yes it is possible with the Stickers robot in the dialog box with this robot by typing the following command:

/ ordersticker – reorder stickers in one pack

4. What is the order to cancel the current operation in the Stickers robot?

/ cancel – cancel the current operation

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