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Successful robot usage

Successful robot usage

Successful robot usage – Success Robot @MovafaghiatRobot (Successful robot usage): Run the telegram app first.

Then on the Telegram homepage, select one of the dialog boxes. You can even choose your own dialog box.

Then type @MovafaghiatRobot at the bottom of the dialog. Send the message now. As you can see, the color of the text you send is blue.

So our robot address is enabled. We tap on the blue text to guide us to the robot dialog box.

You will now see a sent message before you can scroll down to the bottom of the bot dialog. This message is about describing the tasks and performance of a successful robot. The message reads:

Your success robot to conquer the summit of success, post success stories and articles, send motivational sentences, download relaxing music

Now tap on the “Start” button at the bottom of the page.

In the bottom menu, you will find seven options: (Success Robot Usage)

Motivational Sentences, Relaxing Music, Libraries, Apps, Content, About Us, Contact Us

“Motivational” option:

If you click on motivational sentences, a beautiful literary sentence will send you to the same robot chat page. Also, every time you tap on this option, another beautiful sentence will be sent to you randomly.

You can forward or copy these sentences to share with your friends.

“Relaxing Music” option:

If you tap on the relaxing music, the music will be sent to you at random. You will also receive more music every time you click on the continue key at the bottom of the robot dialog box.

If you return to the robot’s main menu, tap the Return option.

“Library” option:Successful robot usage

If you tap on the library, a book will be sent to you. For example the secret book of success. If you hit the continue key at the bottom of the page, you will be sent a book again randomly or randomly. If you return to the main menu, press the Return key.

Applications option:

If you tap on the Applications option, a message will be sent asking you to click on the Continue button. As you can see, it sends you applications that you can download and if you want to go back to the main menu, hit the Return key.

“Content of the Day” option:

The day’s post will be sent to you by tapping on the day’s content button. A long and very informative text message that is usually about success and relaxing sentences.

To get in touch with the @MovafaghiatRobot robot administrator, you need to go to the Contact Us section and use the start / command.

You can also see ads and explanations on the “About Us” option by tapping on it.

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