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Telegram Assistant robot

Telegram Assistant robot

Telegram Assistant robot – Assistant Robot @chteltembot (Telegram Assistant Robot): First run the telegram app.
Then on the Telegram homepage, select one of the dialog boxes. You can even choose your own dialog box.
Then type @chteltembot at the bottom of the dialog. Send the message now. As you can see, the color of the text you send is blue.
So our robot address is enabled. We tap on the blue text to guide us to the robot dialog box.
In the chat window with the @chteltembot robot Before you scroll down to the bottom of the “Start” button, you will see a description of the tasks of the @chteltembot robot on the homepage.
Now tap on the “Start” button.
The service has many menus that include: (Telegram Assistant robot)
Octopus, Nice Beautician, Free Channel and Group Advertising, Purchase Membrane, Banner Maker, Exchange List Builder, Glass Button, Nom Sticker, Channel Finder, Like Maker, Logo Maker, Drawer, Text Image, Anti Spam Grouping, spam, gif maker, anonymous, member enhancement training, subtitle insertion, hyperlink maker, music search, anti spam group making, real meme boost, report fix, free meme meme, typewriter, hayden, google search , Membrane Channel & Group, Italics, Bold, Profile Finder
Menus to explain:
Hashtag: This option prompts you to enter the word you want to hashtag, to properly hashtag it.
Name Beautician: This option asks you to enter your name and sends you a message that is related to beautifying your name.
Banner Maker: This option requires you to send your own photo or video or graph to create a banner for you and send that banner to you.
Creating an Exchange List: Asking you to enter the name of your channel or group. Once you have entered the channel or group name, they will ask you to submit a link to the channel or group and follow these steps to create an exchange list for you.
Glass Button: It asks you to submit the text you want. You will then be asked to name a glass button. Then send the link you want to open after the button is pressed.
Sticker Name: Type your name in English, then submit it. The robot converts your name into a Persian text sticker and sends it to you.
Channel Post Finder: Enter the channel ID you want without AdSense. Then enter the channel number you want. The service robot will now send you the same post.
Anti-spamming group: A message will be sent to you, containing a link. By tapping on the link, it alerts the robot to your target group to warn or expel malicious people in the absence of a manager.

Telegram Assistant robot
Anonymize: Sends the mail you want to be anonymous to, the robot anonymizes it.
Insert subtitles: You submit your photo or movie or gif and the robot makes subtitles for them.

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