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Telegram group settings

Telegram group settings

Telegram group settings – Telegram Group Settings: Before we get to know your group settings, we’ll first teach you how to build a group to get started. To create a group, first open the Telegram app by clicking on the three telegram lines and selecting New Group from the popup menu. Next, the telegram directs you to your contacts section. Now select the people you want to join your group. With the new telegram software update, each group can have up to two thousand members. After selecting the people, click the top right of the page. Next, select and type the group name at the top of the page in the Enter group name field and check the top of the page. Your group was created.

Telegram Group Settings: You can adjust the group settings as an administrator. Join the group now and click on the group photo once. At the top and right side of the camera you can select a photo for your group. The next is the Notification option, which you define to be active, inactive or silent for an hour or two days. The next item is the Share madia option. In this section you can access all the files that the members of the group sent or you sent individually.

The next option is Add member. You can add people you didn’t initially add to your group by clicking this option.

Telegram Group Settings: The next group settings are the three dots on the top right of your group. First click on the group photo to be redirected to it then click on the three dot mark. The first option is Set admins. Clicking on it will allow you to specify who in the group will be your admin. Activating the tick beside the names of the people in their group can manage the group settings just like you.

The next option is Edit name, which you can click to change the group name, then click on the top of the page to save your settings.

The next option is Delete and leave group. If you are the only administrator, clicking this option and confirming that group will be completely deleted and if you are only a member of the group you will be removed from the group.

The last option is Add shortcut. When you click this option, a shortcut from your group is placed on your user desktop so you can open and view your group more quickly and easily.

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