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Telegram in Iran

Telegram in Iran

Telegram in Iran – Popular Telegram Messenger in our country : Currently one of the most popular and popular messenger in Iran is telegram application. While in other countries, especially European and American countries, other applications such as WhatsApp and Viber are the first word.

Iranian users used Viber a lot before the telegram, but after the speed of the communication was slowed, they shifted to the telegram. Because the telegram was faster than Viber in sending any kind of text or video or audio message. So the telegram was able to attract many fans in Iran.

Also, according to the telegram application managers, the security and encryption of dialog box messages and all the capabilities of the telegram security settings made the telegram very attractive and popular in Iran.

Telegram in Iran

In addition to connecting with friends and acquaintances, the Iranian people make great use of telegram capabilities in other areas, such as creating commercial channels.

According to statistics provided by the CEO of Telegram Service, the Telegram app has 100 million active members. Meanwhile, the founder of the telegram app, Mr Paul Dorov, has announced 20% of the number of Iranian users using the telegram.Telegram in Iran

Also, according to statistics in our country in January 2006, the secretaries of the Supreme Council of the Virtual Council announced that the number of Iranian users of the telegram is about twenty-two million. Of which 15 million are active members of the telegram.

Also on the “Alexa” site most of the telegram traffic is made up of Iranian users. And the Telegram DTRG site is one of the 17 most visited Iranian sites.

The telegram is updating its facilities every day, and with each update it brings new features to its users.

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