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Telegram notification light

Telegram notification light

Telegram notification light – Settings for Telegram Notification Changes: All telegram users have no doubt noticed the telegram notification lights. A telegram notification light appears on top of your Android phone when you have an unread notification.

You can change the color of the entire notification light in the telegram messenger. When you have a notification, this light with its default color, which is flashing green, notifies you at the top of the screen. As mentioned, your telegram program notifications can be customized to your liking.

How to set up:

Click the three lines on the left and top of the telegram screen. Now select “Set” from the available menu. Now click on the “Notifications & Sanders” tab. A menu opens. There are two important parts we are working on here:

A) Notification message: Sets the message message to the telegram addressee.

B) Notification Group: Sets the notification of group messages.

Notification Messaging and Notification Group include: alert – vibrate LED color – message preview – priority – sound – pop up notification

Now click on the LED color option in the section you want and select from the available color menu and click on it. Now select set to adjust the settings. You will see that the color opposite the color LED option has changed.


How to disable the contact notification light?

Sometimes you may want to turn off the LED for a specific audience notification. To do this, click on the contact’s name in your contacts, then click on the “Notification & Sand” option and click on the “Notification” tab.

Now click on the “Displays” option. As a result, if the target audience sends you a message, the LED and the phone sound and so on will be disabled.

2. Can the separate telegram signal be used for each target audience?


You can set a different notification light color for each of your phone’s audience. If you choose the contact you want from your contact, now go into the chat section. At the top of the page, tap the profile name of the person you want. Now check the Enable customize notification option.

Now select the color you want in the color part of the LED and save it by selecting set. This way, when you look at your LED light, you can see which color your target audience is from.

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