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Telegram password

Telegram password

To improve the security of your telegram, use a telegram password for yourself. The good thing about a password is that no one but you can access your private messages and your privacy is enhanced by telegram security.

In this case, each time you want to use the telegram, you must enter your telegram password in order to log into your telegram application.

How to set telegram password:

Run the Telegram app. Tap the icon on the top three lines to the left of the screen. From the menu that opens, select the setting option to enter the settings section. Now from the window that opens, select the privacy and security option.

Another window opens, in the second part, security click on the passcode lock option.

Then enable the pass code lock option and enter the code you want. If you forget the code you will need to uninstall and reinstall the telegram. This will erase all your private chats. So you have to have a good memory. Now in the two-step verification section to prevent your telegram from being hacked, in addition to the SMS sent to you, you must specify a password that you send to the telegram with email. To see your password in your email if you forget your password. Enter the password. Now type in something that will make you remember your password.

In the next step in the Email Recovery section you should enter your primary email and click down. Now if you do not intend to enter your email, skip that is not recommended. Now go to your email and click on the telegram link. Here is your security message. And so set a password for your telegram.

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