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Telegram security settings

Telegram security settings

Telegram security settings – Telegram Security Settings: Log in to the Telegram app. Now click the three lines on the top left of the telegram bar. Now go to the settings section of Telegram Settings and select Privacy and Security. The first option in the Telegram Security Settings section is the blocked users option. If you click on it, you will see your telegram audience by clicking on the + mark at the top of the page to select people you would not like to receive and receive messages to block.

In the next section is the last seen option, which you will see under your username, which will display your online status and your last visit to the telegram. There are three options in this section: every body – my contacts – No body. By selecting every body all your telegram contacts can be notified of your latest online status. Selecting my contacts in the add exceptions section allows you to show or hide your last visit and online status to one or more telegram contacts through the always share with and never share with options in the add users section. The third option is No body, which by clicking on it and checking this section in the Always share with section none of your contacts will be notified of your latest telegram and online presence.

Telegram Security Settings: The next section is about encrypting the telegram. If this is the case, you will need to enter your password each time you want to use the telegram. The good news is that no one other than you can access your private messages and your privacy is enhanced by telegram security. Then enable the pass code lock on option and enter the code you want. If you forget the code you will need to uninstall and reinstall the telegram, in which case all your private chats will be deleted, so you should have good memory. Now in the two-step verification process for your telegram not to be hacked, in addition to the SMS sent to you, you must encrypt the email that you send to the telegram so that you can forget your password in the email if you forget the password. You see yourself. Enter the password Now type in something that will help you remember your password. In the next step in the Email Recovery section you should enter your primary email and click down. Now if you do not intend to enter your email, skip that is not recommended. Now go to your email and click on the telegram link here to see your security message.

Telegram Security Settings: The next option is active sessions. If you see any devices connected to your telegram account, disconnect them by clicking on them and deleting them. In this case no other active sessions will be displayed.

The last option is to delete a telegram account, which you can specify after which time your telegram is spent and not used to automatically clear your account, which includes one month, three months, six months and one year.

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