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Telegram shortcut

Telegram shortcut

Telegram shortcut – Creating a shortcut for the telegram group on the desktop: It’s very fun and practical to put a shortcut or group shortcut to a group, channel, super channel and even chat with a specific audience. Because all telegram users, whether or not they are administrators, can use this telegram feature on their device.

Placing a shortcut on the desktop of your phone, tablet or home computer will allow you to enter the dialog with your target audience or group sooner.

Sometimes channels, groups, or audiences are more important to you. So you spend most of your time on the telegram to that group or channel or audience. Now it could be because of more intimacy or even business and business.

So it’s best to use a shortcut to save more time and open your chat window faster by telegram app.

How to make a telegram group shortcut on your desktop:Telegram shortcut

Update your telegram first. Then run the Telegram app. Now tap on the home screen of the telegram on the group, channel, super group, or contact you want to shortcut to the desktop.

Now after opening the option you want here, such as the group. Tap on the name or profile picture of the group. Now on the page that opens, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the page. A menu opens where you have to select the Add shortcut option which is the last option.

Selecting this option will shortcut your group to the desktop. So you can open the group you want more quickly and easily. Also, if you want to delete the dialog window shortcut that you placed on your desktop, you need to put your finger on the desktop shortcut for a few seconds and swipe it up. Now select the Remove option.

As you can see, your shortcut will be deleted from the desktop.Telegram shortcut

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