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Telegram Sticker

Telegram Sticker

Telegram Sticker – Emoji and Sticker Telegram and How to Send It: Before we teach you how to send emoji and sticker to your loved ones, we need to explain a little bit about emoji and sticker.


Emoji are the smileys you use to show your feelings to your audience in a telegram. Emoji means visual personality. Because (E) means image and (moji) means personality.

Each of the visual characters or emojis has a meaning, so you need to know their meaning and use it in the right place.

Sticker:Telegram Sticker

Telegram stickers are cartoon photos that are “PNG” format. Telegram stickers are 512 by 512 pixels. You can add your favorite stickers to your account. Stickers are usually designed by graphics software.

So you can easily tell emoji and sticker the emotions that are hard to express. Because sometimes sentences cannot express our moods and emotions, which makes the telegram easy to use.

How to send emojis and stickers in the telegram:Telegram Sticker

Run the Telegram app. Now find the contact you want from the contact section and then enter the chat you want. At the bottom right of the screen, tap on the smiling emoticon. You will see a menu where you will find emoji, gifs and stickers. In this section you can also enter stickers settings. The settings section is similar to a gear, where you will see your stickers archive with a tab. By touching any stickers and emoji and gifs, you select them and you will see them as you type in the text. Now tap the blue arrow to the right to send your image emoticon. As you can see, it is very easy to send stickers and emojis. It will also be interesting for your audience because of the visual appeal it has.

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