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Telegram Text Settings

Telegram Text Settings

Telegram Text Settings – Full tutorial on changing the font size and color in the telegram: (Telegram Text Settings)

How to change the font size in the telegram:

First run the Telegram app. On the main page of the telegram, tap on the icon on the top left corner of the telegram.

As you can see, a window will open for you. Now, from the options, select the setting that resembles a gear to enter the telegram settings. Then, in the window that opens, go to the Messages section.

Now select the Messages Text Size option, which means the size of the message text to continue with your telegram settings. You will see a box called “Text Text Size” in which you will see your font size in the telegram.

The larger the number, the larger your font size and the smaller the number you will see in the smaller telegram windows.

After selecting the desired number, tap on Done to save your font changes. Now in the Telegram Settings window, you will see the number you have selected in the Messenger section next to the “Text Text Size” phrase. You will also see the font size change.

How to change the font color in the telegram:

The default text color in the telegram is black. But this way you can change the color of the texts you share to green.

Run the Telegram app. Now on the Telegram homepage, you’ll see a list of all your dialog boxes.Telegram Text Settings

Now open one of the contacts, groups, or channels you are a member of. In the dialog that pops up, check the box at the bottom of the message at the beginning and end of the message you want to share. This will change the color of your text from black to green.

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