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Telegram video message

Telegram video message

Telegram video message – First, upgrade your telegram to version 4.0 to enjoy the functionality of the video message or telegram video message. Because in the older versions of the telegram this feature is not available. Audiences who want to connect with you should also update their telegram. Video footage from the camera of the phone makes its video connection.

Now run the telegram software. Select the contact you want from the Contacts section and touch the microphone icon or camera mode when switching to his profile in the chat environment to switch from microphone to camera. Now, just like when you were sending your voice, touch and hold the camera icon until the video footage starts recording.

When you want to end a video recording, lift your finger to finish the video recording and send the video, which is like a voice recording that finishes as soon as you lift your finger and do not touch the audio recording. And the point is that if you also tap on the video, the sound of the video will also be activated.

You can tab on the camera icon at the bottom left of the screen and specify which camera you select for video chat recording, the camera behind the phone, or the camera on the mobile screen.

The telegram video message on the telegram cannot be viewed before sending because it is sent immediately after recording. As a result, if you regret posting, you can delete the video.

If you do not wish to hold the camera icon while recording a video message, you can lock the camera icon. Drag the camera icon upwards to lock the camera. As a result, you can send a longer and more interesting video message.

To stop video in camera lock mode, tap the red square button on the right side of the screen and click the missile button to submit.

In addition, the maximum time required to record the video of the Messenger Telegram is one minute. The telegram by default sends your video in a circular environment. You can also watch your video message in pop-ups if you wish. And click on the other parts of the telegram without interrupting your video. Highlights include the convenience of recording and sending video messages, as well as the high speed of transmission due to telegram compression.

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