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Telegram windows instalation

Telegram windows instalation

Telegram windows instalation earlier, if you want to run your telegram application from the Desktop Telegram, you should use the Telegram Messenger Installation for four operating systems. Use Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and OS OS. In this section we will teach you the installation version of Telegram Messenger for Windows operating system type. So join us.

How to install a telegram on a Windows operating system: Telegram windows instalation

You must first download the telegram installation file. Then unzip and download the downloaded telegram file.

Now click to install the telegram executable file.

A window with select setup language will open. In this section, select the language you will use when installing the program. We select English and then click on the ok button.

A window will pop up that welcomes you to install a desktop telegram. If you want to continue with the telegram software installation process, select the Next button and if you want to cancel the installation step, select Cancel.

In the next step of installing the Telegram Messenger, click the Next button in the next two windows.

In the next window that opens for you, click the Install key.Telegram windows instalation

Now be a little patient to fully install the program. Then, in the next window that opens for you, click on the Finish button.

Now click on the “Start Messenger” button to run your desktop telegram application.

In the next window you have to enter your mobile number without zero. Then click on the “Text” key to navigate to the next window.

The telegram will now send you a code that you need to enter in the five-digit code in the next box.

If you do not have a telegram installed on your phone, the telegram should send this code to you via SMS. So click on the “Document Code or SMS” key.

Now we get the code and type it in and then click on the “Text” key.

Now the telegram asks you to upload your name and profile picture.

Finally, click on the “Save Up” key.

As you can see, the Telegram app is installed on your Windows.

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