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terms of Instagram

terms of Instagram

terms of Instagram- Instagram is one of the most popular social networks among all people, but we come to the symbols and terms of Instagram that are very simple that you should know. Instagram is much more than terms that you should learn all of them get.

In this text, we will tell you a set of Instagram terms with a comprehensive and complete understanding. Which is very helpful to users. When you know the terms of Instagram, it is very simple and easy for you to work.

Familiarity with terms on Instagram

First, what does k mean? Each k is equal to the number one thousand. In many cases, in simplifying a large number, they use k (meaning kilo), such as a page that has 35 k followers, which means that 35 It has thousands of followers on its Instagram page.

But what does the word feed mean? When you enter an Instagram page, the first page you come across is called a feed. On this page, you see the latest stories and posts they have posted. The feed is displayed on your home page.

The next word that is common on Instagram. is the notification that we want to say the use of this word on Instagram and how it is used on Instagram. But we know that the word means official information that is related to all the activities that others have done on your Instagram pages, whether it is like a post of your posts or a comment below your posts. Leave or follow you or etc…

All of this is reported to you separately as the official information. But another term that is common is the word search. Here we want to tell you about the application and features that exist on Instagram. How and where we can search on Instagram.

In Instagram, we divide search into four separate parts, which is one of the unique features of Instagram. The first word is search top. In this section, you will be given a page that has been your most and most Instagram page. The second is search people, which can be found in this section by searching the names of users or businesses on their page.

And when you search for a username, it will show you a word called suggested to you and similar users or Instagram pages in the search. And the third part is search tags. In this section, you can search for your favorite hashtags so that the posts in which the desired hashtag is seen will be displayed to you.

And the fourth part of search places, when you turn on the GPS of your phone device, you have searched among the places and locations of different cities and countries, and you will see all the images in which you have taken your location.

But the other part that we are dealing with COLLECTIONS is the use of collections on Instagram is that you can categorize all the posts you have saved. In fact, you have created an album for yourself by doing this. The word or term that exists is turn off or turn on notifications, which is used on Instagram.

As you know, these words literally mean turning notifications on and off on your Instagram, where you can choose to be informed about the Instagram activities of your followers online, or this Do not wash.

Another term or feature that exists on Instagram is turn off comments, in which you can activate or deactivate the comment or comment that they leave under your post, and with this option, your comments are so-called closed. And no user will be able to leave a comment for you.

The term on Instagram is following back, which means that if a user follows you and you follow the user in response to that user, it is also called follow back on Instagram.

But the next term that can be said is the word request. When you want to follow someone, you ask for it. To do this, you must first enter the page of the user you want and click on the follow button to request that button. Change, as well as people who want to follow your page, even if your page is private, that is, it must ask you and after you approve or open your page to that user will enter your follower’s list.

But the next modification that we want to discuss, which has many applications and can be seen on Instagram, is to confirm that if your Instagram page is locked, users who want to follow your page and interact to visit your page. They ask you to follow.

And if you want that person to follow your page, you must click the confirm option, but if you are not satisfied that the page will see you, it will be deleted with the help of the delete option, and that user will prevent you from following.

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