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Tik Tok account management

TikTok account management

TikTok account management- TikTok app is a popular, video-driven application launched from the world’s most populous country, China, around the world.

This Chinese application, which can be run only on mobile, can be run on both Android and iOS operating systems, but a version called the Windows version for this program has not been released yet.

The TikTok app allows its users to create very short music videos (3 to 60) seconds. Initially, the longest video users could put in the app was 15-second videos, but in later updates, the videos were extended to 60 seconds.

Users can edit their great videos using engaging music and special effects, and use them to capture hilarious and memorable moments to share with the world and interact with users around the world.

In this program, you can record and then publish your videos using filters and special effects, fun labels, music, as well as all these features that are provided within the program.

In this application, +100 filters, stickers, and special effects are included, which you can use to publish your video in the most beautiful way possible.

Unlike most social apps, TikTok app thinks much less about its marketing and more about its users, focusing on users; In a way, he likes them to produce his dubs and interesting videos, and he has helped them a lot in this regard (including the existence of in-app effects of TikTok app).

Two of the programs whose main purpose is marketing and monetization are Facebook and LinkedIn, whose user system is completely different from the TikTok app.

As you know, the better and more attractive the content uploaded to a virtual network, the more followers you will gain and the more fans you will gain.

One of the most important parts of any social network is the account settings and management section. In this section, we want to introduce you to some tips called TikTok account management:

As you know, the TikTok app has a relatively large number of settings and you should be aware of them to make better use of this program.

You can click on the three dots at the top right of the screen as soon as you enter the app to navigate to the app settings.

After selecting the settings option, on the new page, you will see a list of tick menus, which are as follows:

1. manage my account (Manage and control the account in the TikTok app)

2. privacy and safety (related to the security and privacy of the user page in the TikTok app.)

3. balance (which shows the number of your tick coins and determines your balance in this program.)

4. SHARE PROFILE (This section is used to share a user page or profile.)

5. Tikcode (similar to QR and can help you search for other people’s accounts.)

And there are a few other options that are not used much by users, so we are going to discuss the options that you should be more aware of.

TikTok account management settings:

Definitely one of the most important parts of any virtual program and messengers is the account management and control section, in this program, this section is also very important.

After entering the settings section and entering the manage my account section, you will be faced with a number of options, which are displayed as follows:

1 Tik code

2 phone numbers

3 passwords

4 emails

5 Device management

6 countries and regions

7 upgrades to TikTok Pro

8 Delete TikTok account

Tik code: Tik code is the same code that acts as a QR code and users can use this code to find your page in TikTok.

The difference between a Tik code and a QR code is that the Tik code is made up of numbers, and other users can easily find you and view your videos by entering a personal Tik code for your account.

But the QR code is a barcode that by scanning those people can search your user page in TikTok and access your page.

Phone number: By entering this section, you can access the phone number through which you have created your TikTok account and edit it.

Some people who create their account by email This section may be unused for them, but you should know that for more security of your account, it may be better to save your phone number in this section.

People may want to sign in to your account, and when your phone number is saved in TikTok, a code will be sent to you so you can quickly find out if someone is trying to sign in to your account.

Note: This code will also be sent to your email, but as you are aware, the greater availability of mobile phones will make you aware of the existence of profiteers faster.

Password: Each account requires a separate password and it is essential to have a password for page security.

You can set a new password for yourself whenever you want. Also, by having a password, you can run and work on your account on a mobile phone other than your mobile phone.

In some cases, you may want to uninstall your TikTok app and reinstall it after a while. In order to be able to use your former account again, you need to remember your password.

Also, if you forget your password, if your phone number is stored in the application, you can receive a new code very quickly with a request via SMS.

Email: In this section, you will see the email with which you created the user account, and if you do not have a registered email yet, for security reasons, it is necessary to save your email in the program.

Did you know that some programs block and close the accounts of users who have not put an email to introduce themselves in this section from time to time?

So do not forget that the presence of email in the settings of your account is mandatory.

Device Management: This section is actually a completely secure section and a feature that every virtual network should have.

Have you ever heard that someone’s account has been hacked !?

Yes, it is possible and someone may want to hack you. Do not be afraid, in the previous steps we told you how you can prevent these people from logging into your account. Do not worry about these profiteers by registering phone numbers and emails.

But you may suspect when someone is working on your account without permission, for example, you will encounter likes and comments from your account that you are sure this action was not done by you!

At this time, you can refer to the device management section, and if you see any device other than your device in that section, delete it immediately and safely handle the activity in your TikTok account.

Country and region: In this section, you can enter the country and region where you live in the program.

It is an interesting feature, but it is not mandatory, note that today in a number of Middle Eastern countries that are not allowed to access this program and may work with filter breakers in this program, this is a dangerous part,

If your country is under sanctions, you should never include your current position in the program. Because by placing your location, the program will quickly delete your account forever, and you can no longer use it to create an account with your username, email, and phone number.

Upgrade to TikTok pro: By visiting this section, you can convert your account from a simple TikTok account to pro and act as a special user in this program.

At the beginning of supply; This feature has been for free users but will not be in the future and you will have to pay to convert your account to pro.

Users who have a pro account will have more features in the program, features such as more effects and filters, more security features, and …

Delete TikTok account:

Things to keep in mind before deleting a TikTok account:

1. You will lose all videos you have posted to your account.

2. You lose access to your previous user system and can no longer work on this account.

3. If you have already paid for an in-app payment (in-app payment) or bought a coin, all of these costs will be lost and will not be refundable.

It should also be noted that if you have diamonds in this program that you have not yet reviewed, it is better to know that by deleting the account, you will no longer have these diamonds.

4. An interesting and popular feature that TikTok has provided for you in this regard is that you have 30 days to delete your account completely.

During this time, your account will be displayed as “disabled” for other users, and the program will allow you to restore your account again during these 30 days if you regret it.

But note, if these 30 days expire and you regret after this period, there is no way to return your account.

Now with that said, if you’re still sure you want to do it, we’ll tell you how you can do it later.

Learn how to delete a TikTok account

1. First, run the TikTok app on your mobile phone and open your profile page by tapping the Me icon in the lower right corner.

2. After entering your profile page, click on the three dots that appear in the upper right corner of your profile page.

3. Then in this section, options will appear for you, from among these options, select “manage my account”.

4. After selecting the account management option, you will enter a new page; At the bottom of the page, there is an option called “Delete Account”, selecting this option will take you to another section.

5. In this step, by selecting the option to delete the account, you will be directed to the SMS confirmation page, which you can enter the final steps to delete your account by entering a code.

6. A 4-digit code will be sent to you via SMS to your phone number or email, enter it, and be patient.

7. Once verified, you will be prompted to confirm the deletion of your TikTok account and confirm that you want to do so.

8. Once you have confirmed that you are sure of this decision, you will go to a page where you can click on the “Delete” option and this will delete your TikTok account.

After deleting the account, you will be redirected to the start page of TikTok to create a new account. If you want to create a new account, you can simply proceed, and if you want to restore the previous account within 30 days, you can restore your account by entering your previous account information.

In this section, we learned tips on TikTok account management and how to proceed in this section, now we want to teach you tips about privacy and security in this network.

Privacy and security settings:

In this section, we are faced with many tips and options, each of which we will review together and teach you how to apply the actions in this section.

You also know that to refer to this section, first after logging in to your TikTok account, from the top right of the user page, click on the three dots that are located there to be directed to the program settings.

Wherever we are, to navigate to the program settings, we must go through this process and go to this section.

There is a list of options in front of you that you will enter by selecting the privacy and security option.

1. Personalize your account

2. Allow others to search for your account

3. Security and privacy settings

4. Filtering section or in other words reporting comments

5. Blocklist in TikTok app

Personalize or Private Account:

As mentioned, you will enter the TikTok settings section in the same way as usual, and after entering the privacy and security section, you will be faced with an option called Private Account among the options that will appear to you.

By selecting and entering this section, you can find out whether your TikTok account has been privatized or not?

If it is not privatized and is in public mode, you should know that your account is accessible to all TikTok users.

In this step, to activate your private or private account, you only need to check the Private Account option until it turns green. Your account is easily personalized, and from now on you can only allow people who want to see your videos to follow your page.

Of course, except for those who have already followed you, people who want to visit your page can ask you to accept their request or not, it is up to you.

There is another option in this section that includes an interesting feature. After making a video, you may not want to share it with other users and followers. In addition, you can save it in your phone gallery and share it whenever you want.

There is also another option in this program that you can share that video, but only you can see it yourself. In fact, do not put your video in the posts section and save it in the Draft program.

If you want to be able to view and download a video only when you share it, not for followers and other TikTok users, you must click on only me on the video-sharing page.

And whenever you want to share it with others, it is enough to take your video out of the mode (only for me or only me).

Allow other users to search for your account:

After entering the privacy and security section, you will see an option that tells you whether you can allow others to search your page in TikTok.

Sometimes you may not want someone to know that you have created a TikTok account and you are only present in this network for entertainment and time. At this time, you can use this section and uncheck this option to allow other people to search and find your account.

Security settings:

This section contains sections where you can set who can see your videos; Who can comment for you, who can do a duet video with you, who can text you, who can watch the videos you liked.

In fact, in this section, you have the ability to easily control your user account, features that exist in this part of the program can not be seen in almost any other program.

For each of these sections that we have described, there are several options that if your page is not in personal mode, you can definitely use this section more.

You can even make it possible for only your followers to see your videos and other people who are active in this space but do not follow you to be forced to follow you to see your videos.

This is a very interesting and new way to attract followers, and if you want to attract followers, we recommend that you use this section.

Filter comments:

Note that if you have a lot of followers in your TikTok account and you are a popular figure among TikTok users, you need to use this section.

The part of filtering comments in this program is done using TikTok artificial intelligence. This feature is built-in so that if someone leaves you rude or annoying comments, they will automatically delete those comments. And if that person continues to do so in the TikTok space, it will identify him/her and delete his / her account from the TikTok program forever.

Activating this section and the feature is not a difficult task at all and it is enough for you to activate a TikTok so that this feature will be implemented automatically for you from now on.

Blocklist in TikTok:

In all virtual networks, there is a feature that you can delete someone from your so-called block or account forever so that you no longer have any contact or connection with that person.

This possibility is also available in the TikTok program and has been done in two ways:

1. Remove and block (fan) followers

2. Eliminate being a fan

Remove and block (fan) followers in TikTok:

Dealing with problematic fans, deleting people from your account may be a little annoying, but sometimes it may be necessary and you have to do it.

In this program, you may be annoyed by the presence of an annoying person in your account, and you do not want this person to see your videos anymore, and you also no longer want to see anything from this person.

True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing. Here we teach you how to delete a follower and block him in the TikTok app.

First, run the TikTok app on your device.

Select your account profile and go to the follower’s section, where you can search for the person you want and then select his / her account.

After selecting the desired person, it is enough to select the three-point menu icon at the top right of his profile.

Options are displayed for you, one of which is a block, and finally, select the block and block the person.

You will no longer see that account and he/she will no longer be able to see your page and everything you have uploaded or will upload in the future, and TikTok will not allow him to interact with you in any other way.

Note: In the TikTok fan program, it is the same as the follower, because the word follower is used in Instagram, TikTok has decided to use the word fan instead of the follower.

Remove someone being a fan in the TikTok app:

If you are a fan or follower of a person in TikTok and now you have decided not to be a fan of him anymore and you want to stop following his page, you can use the following method.

First, as with any operation, you need to run the TikTok app on your mobile phone.

Then go to your profile page and then select the Me icon at the bottom right of your profile page.

Select the Follow option, which is located on the main page of your profile, and find the person you are looking for after searching. You will see the Following option next to his name.

I do not know if you have ever followed anyone on Instagram. In other programs, by selecting this option and clicking on this icon, a small page will appear asking you if you are sure that you want to follow that person! All you have to do is click on the word, yes to confirm your wish and stop following him.

But this is not the case in the TikTok program, yes, this way you can harass someone very quickly and you will not follow that person anymore.

But you will not receive any confirmation or questions from the program and it will be populated directly by clicking on the following icon. As a result, you need to be very confident beforehand and note that this happens quickly.

This is annoying for some users and may change and upgrade in future updates of TikTok to imitate other apps. But in the current version, the procedure is like this and there is no word of changes in this section at the moment.

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